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How to Create Beautiful Line Art

How to Create Beautiful Line Art

Letting go of your mind through floral drawing

A branch of ginkgo or eucalyptus, flower petals, orchids, anthuriums… It’s crazy how drawing pretty plants helps you to relax and makes it easier to let go.

Relaxing technique:

Mandala, Zentangle, Doodle Dotline, Rosaces Zen, many techniques mixing Drawing and Well-being are flourishing on the Internet.

Do you know Curved Lines Sketch or line art? On social media, and in particular on Pinterest, this technique is widely used to create nice drawings.

Inspired by the tratteggio method, it consists of using fine parallel hatching or lines to build a model, add contrast, or play with light and volumes.

No need to equip yourself with a lot of equipment to get started in Doodle Curved Lines: two markers and one notebook are more than enough!

Want to know more? Here is a great exercise that I would like to share with you!

You need:

GOOD TO KNOW: The markers are the same colour for a tone-on-tone effect.

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The receipe to follow:

  1. Using the Stabilo with a round tip, I draw the outlines of my shape: a flower or a leaf.
  2. With my fine point Stabilo, I draw curved lines freehand, leaving a more or less equal spacing. The repeating lines allow me to fill in the shape without having to colour it.
  3. Lines can start from the centre of the shape, the base or a point, the midrib or just follow the outlines. The important thing is to create volume and movement with the lines.
  4. When the job is done, the whole thing shines with thousands of tangled threads. A very nice optical effect!

Repeating lines one after the other, from one side to the other is mesmerizing, even the sound of the tip of the marker on the paper relaxes me.

My line art doodle made in my studio

Some inspirational drawings just for you!

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