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How To Create A Calligram And It’s Meaning

How To Create A Calligram And It’s Meaning

An idea good to know to keep the whole family occupied and entertained. Thank you Amylee for sharing.

How to Create A Calligram Easily

My readers and subscribers have asked me lately if I have any ideas for activities to suggest to them during long days at home. Your requests have been heard, here is an idea that will please both young and old: The calligram.

It sounds a bit like Instagram but the calligram will keep your brain is busier and is much more imaginative!


A calligram is an original composition allowing to mix words and visual images. The text then forms a drawing which may or may not relate to the theme of the poem. This particular form of poetry is sometimes called “graphic poetry” or “object poetry”. It is inspired by literature, painting, calligraphy and also philosophy.


The poet Guillaume Apollinaire liked to play with this type of drawn poems. He is also at the origin of the word calligram which is the combination of calligraphy and ideograms. He produced many calligrams, the most famous of which are “The stabbed dove and the jet of water”, “The Tie and the watch” or “Travel”.



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  1. Choose a shape that is easy to draw: an everyday object, animal, plant, etc. (see examples on Pinterest)
  2. Lightly draw in graphite pencil the outline of the shape without the details
  3. Write a poem, a prose text, a haiku, the words of a song, sentences related or not to the drawing
  4. Copy the text along the pencil path
  5. Erase the track to make room for the calligram

Unlike the classic text, the reader is more active in a calligram, it is up to them to seek the meaning and the direction of the sentences.

You can be really free and have lots of fun doing this but make sure you turn the text or sheet if necessary to follow the outline!



These calligrams can also be cut and then pasted on different types of coloured, textured or patterned paper for some beautiful effects!

Content provided by Amylee Paris

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