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Make Watercolour effects without using Watercolour

Make Watercolour effects without using Watercolour

Sometimes we have ideas but not always the material available in the studio. Here’s a nice idea inspired by watercolour.

Produce Watercolour EffectsUsing Markers

Do you fancy making watercolour-inspired effects to illustrate a page from your creative journal or to create the background for a greeting card or for any other creation?

The only thing you will be missing here is watercolour paints.

Wait a minute, I have the solution.


Here I will show you the tips that are easy to carry out and use the ink of water based markers. The same markers found in supermarkets or in our favourite shops offering artists’ materials.

You will see, the result looks like it can be mistaken for watercolour. Are you interested?

Come on, I’ll show you!


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Take several markers and a plastic punched pocket (you can use a whole one or you can just  cut a small piece).

Using the first marker, apply very tight hatching to the pocket. Then add the other colours, this will compose your watercolour stain.

Moisten the watercolour paper with a brush (or the material mentioned above).

Take your plastic with the scribbles made with the markers, then you can apply the colours on the wet paper.

Using your fingers, press the colours well to transfer them to the paper.

Remove the plastic, this will leave the colours on the paper.

Once the set is completely dry, you will see a nice watercolour stain on your sheet!

Use the paper towel to erase the colour and water residue, and thus continue creating other effects if necessary.


Halos, gradations, transparencies, colour merges, the effect is always striking!


Content provided by Amylee Paris

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