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Karlee Gould : A New Nib and a Reed Pen

Karlee Gould : A New Nib and a Reed Pen

Karlee Gould is always more than happy to try a different product for the first time. So we thought we’d task her with trying products she wouldn’t have considered for her calligraphy before. In this case the index finger nib, and the natural reed pen.

In our studios, we all have our favourite, most reliable brush, pen, pencil, colour… Sometimes changing things up unleashes your creativity!

The Index Finger Nib

“The index finger nibs were something I was excited to try. I was particularly drawn to their design aesthetic and hoped very much that they worked as well as they looked.

Index Nib
© Karlee Gould

I placed one of the nibs into my holder and tried some shimmering red FW ink on navy blue paper. The result was quite lovely. The tip is quite inflexible, so creates a very thin line allowing you to illustrate as well as letter.  It seems to really lend itself to a fast, hand lettered style of calligraphy, which can allow for splatters and scratches. When used slowly, you can achieve quite minute, and lovely, cocktail calligraphy at a super-tight, slanted angle.”

Index Nib
© Karlee Gould

“I tried some illustration since the pen lent itself to thin lines. As someone who works regularly on florals for wedding invitations I can say that this nib is perfectly for line work. Even haphazard pressure allows for a steady line without too much variant in width.”

Index Nib
© Karlee Gould

“I moved on to trying the index finger in an ergonomic nib holder in black and metallic gold. I must say the combination of the two products together looks quite striking. The gold and the black design on this pen holder is beautiful and super photogenic with the index finger placed on top. 

The ergonomic and triangular shape within its thick and sturdy hilt, means that this pen holder is outstandingly comfortable, for long periods of time, which is fabulous for somebody like me who can be creating envelope calligraphy for up to five days consecutively.”

The Reed Pen

“What’s awesome about this pen is that it makes some incredible organic marks and is most certainly the most eco-friendly pen I have ever used in my life. Not only is this beauty entirely biodegradable and sustainable to make, it’s fun!”

Reed pen
© Karlee Gould

“I tested out some FW Daler Rowney White ink with this Reed Pen and found that the ink reservoir was fairly decent for a pen made of grass [grass!!].

The marks it made seem to be scratchy and organic. Great for expressive calligraphy. The tip of the pen has a slight wedge shape cut from it, so you can tilt it up to make tiny, hairlines and points, or tilt it down to create wider more traditional calligraphic marks.”

Reed pen
© Karlee Gould

“When I came to wash the pen, I didn’t expect to get much ink off it really, but it washed pretty well, apart from the natural foamy inner tube of the reed. It doesn’t seem clogged, just that it retains some the faint hue which you’re using, like lots of other tools.

Overall it’s a really enjoyable calligraphic pen. The whole experience using this pen made you want to make text with a speed and expressiveness, much like the marks it puts down, so it’s very fun to use! Full of movement. I expect it will be brilliant for logo making ideas and for fashion illustration!”

More about Karlee

Karlee’s work includes a wide range of techniques from watercolour, calligraphy and illustration to digital art. Her practise is entirely vegan and eco-friendly, so all the products reviewed and used by her will be cruelty-free and suitable for use by vegan and vegetarian artists.

You can find all Karlee’s posts published in the GreatArt online magazine by clicking here!

Karlee is currently working on compiling all of her creative work into a new online home. For the time being you can view her digital work and contact her here!

Treasure Studios
© Karlee Gould

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