20 Amazing Ways to use Binder Clips

Binder Clip ‘Life Hacks’ from Amylee! TBinder Clips are really handy in many areas around your studio or your office. Amylee has listed some nice ideas for us. Small or large, black or multicoloured, a binder clip has infinite uses. … Continue reading

Amylee’s Glazing Technique

How to Make Glazes in Acrylic Painting Do you want to know more about the possibilities of acrylic painting? Amylee shows us a great way to build up distinct layers of colour using the glaze technique. Do you stay stone-faced … Continue reading

Amylee’s Creative Way to Recycle

2 Creative Ways to Recycle Plastic Bottles Today I offer you 2 easy and quick solutions to organise tools in your studio and reduce waste. Horizontal or vertical, you will see that the use of the plastic bottle will make … Continue reading

20 Ways to use Acrylic Paint

Would you like to have great materials for your next acrylic painting project? Brush, knife, piece of wood, sponge, what do you need to paint or innovate? And how do you make it possible to create different effects? Acrylic paint has this little versatile side that … Continue reading

How to make a Paper Christmas Tree

A fun Christmas Craft Idea from Amylee!  Today, I give you a very easy and a trend tip to make nice Christmas trees with simple sheets of coloured paper and old brushes. A few minutes and just a few materials … Continue reading