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The Tower Hamlets Mural Project

The Tower Hamlets Mural Project

The Tower Hamlets Mural Project

A Trapped in Zone One Project

Trapped in Zone one is an art collective based in Shoreditch and a partner of GreatArt. They are headed by Bablu Miah and creative director Natalia Suvorova.

Earlier in the year they teamed up with Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park and coordinated regenerating the park landscape. The park wanted to incorporate nature inspired murals in the arches along Ackroyd Drive, to give something back to the community.

Recently the park invited Trapped in Zone One back once again to create another collection of nature murals. Trapped in Zone One coordinated 6 artists to produce them and also approached the RSPB as an additional partner for these new murals based around the theme of ‘birds’.

The Tower Hamlets Mural Project
The artists who took part include:

  • Aspire (a pheasant),
  • Woskerski (an owl and robin),
  • Ketones6000 (bees),
  • Charlie McFarley (chicken),
  • Mr Christa (hummingbird),
  • with an extra special mural being painted this week by Curtis Hylton, depicting a bird comprised of the symbolic flowers associated with the nationalities that formed the Labour Corps during WW1.

This last mural will be part of the Unremembered project in partnership with Big Ideas Company and the Department for Communities and Local Government.

The Tower Hamlets Mural Project
The Tower Hamlets Mural Project
The Tower Hamlets Mural Project

GreatArt, proudly support Trapped in Zone One

Trapped in Zone One would like to thank GreatArt for supporting our project. They are always interested in participating in art events that showcase the best of Tower Hamlets through art,and help give something back to the community. They’re open to collaboration with anyone that is happy to work with them. For more information, please contact them here.

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