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Art in Healthcare

Art in Healthcare

Art in Healthcare

Art for every healthcare setting in Scotland

Our vision is ‘Art for every healthcare setting in Scotland’. Our mission is to use visual art to improve health and wellbeing.

We value putting the person at the centre of their own health and wellbeing. We aim to humanise healthcare environments. Also to value the positive health and wellbeing impact of the visual arts. We also value quality, innovation and professionalism. Additionally,  the ideas and ambitions of artists, without whom our work would not be possible are keys.

Art in Healthcare

Art in Healthcare employs professional artists to provide art activity for a wide range of people. Often working with health partners including:

  • carers groups,
  • hospices,
  • mental health and dementia support charities,
  • hospitals,
  • sheltered housing…

Art in Healthcare

Provide people with the opportunity to develop creativity

Using GreatArt materials allows the charity to provide people with the opportunity to really explore and develop their creativity with guidance and support from highly skilled professional artists.

Art in Healthcare art workshops inspire self-expression and help people to interact socially, reduce stress and anxiety, raise self-esteem and enhance their quality of life.  Artists often take along a work of art from the museum-quality Art in Healthcare collection to inspire participants looking at techniques, colours and materials used by professional artists.

Art in Healthcare

Having access to professional quality art materials supplied by GreatArt opens up the full range of possibilities for the many people. Art in Healthcare supports and helps them to flourish and take great pride in their success.

For more information about workshops, exhibitions and services provided by Art in Heathcare, please visit

Art in Healthcare

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GreatArt – your art superstore

Art supplies, ideas and advice for all techniques.

GreatArt offers you art supplies for all techniques from:

  • traditional fine art painting,
  • drawing,
  • sculpture,
  • printmaking,
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We offer an extensive range of stretched canvas and display products for exhibition, all the art supplies required to create your own bespoke canvases, as well as custom framing and mounting services from GreatArt Store. You’ll also find hundreds of articles and tutorials to browse in the online magazine.

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