Figuration is a creative studio in communications, animation and experiences for all ages and abilities. Revealing stories is their passion and their purpose. Fuelled by the diverse talents in their community, they bring people together through creative endeavour and the production of inspiration content and events.

Revealing Stories

Figuration’s Directors Leo Crane and Roy Joseph Butler have built their studio to be a hub for creative messaging, animation and storytelling, and are passionate and practiced at revealing a diversity of narratives, whether personal or team-based, exuberant or essential, brand-identified or an integral support for successful campaign activation.
They believe creative communication supports communication, well-being and the enjoyment of life.
In 2016, they founded Figuration, a social enterprise, to bring people together and produce inspirational – and inspired – content. Creative experiences are both at the heart of their process and of their motivation; Leo and Roy actually met in 2013 at a life drawing event, Roy the model and Leo a drawer. Over 6 years later, they have galvanised a growing community of:

  • artists’ models
  • creative companies
  • cultural organisations
  • groups and collectives
  • animators and designers
  • practising artists and tutors
  • and members of the public


What do they love most about their venture?

Roy – “Whether it’s someone trying life modelling for the very first time. Or an architect returning to drawing at one of our workshops. Or a private event designed to engage colleagues in an exciting and creative way. Figuration have always been about bringing something fresh to new audiences and generating opportunities for budding creatives. And this is why I love it. It’s these aims and successes that motivate me everyday to grow the community.”
Leo – “For me, it’s the opportunity to use creative techniques to explore and also reveal heritage and identity. We’ve worked with some amazing partners. For example last month, we brought Activist Life Drawing to the V&A. We’re now devising a masterclass at the British Library, using Anglo-Saxon manuscripts as inspiration for visual storytelling today.”

Celebrating the many others…

With demand bringing their creativity into new areas, they continue to scale up. Their independent animation productions are getting off the ground, community and corporate engagement portfolio growing and communications partnerships diversifying, particularly in the cultural and heritage sectors.
And they remain passionate about bringing more creative opportunities to more people, recognising that the best way to do this is by celebrating the many others who share a similar philosophy, including:

  • Art Macabre
  • Barnet Youth
  • Cityread London
  • Art Model Collective

The Figuration studio is based in Crystal Palace, a place of work, production and bespoke experiences for individuals and small groups.
To see find out more about what they do, check out What’s On or join the Figuration creative community as a creative partner, model, artist or participant:

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