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Sevenoaks Art Club

Whilst this club has been around for over a hundred years, and work hard to improve their local community using the visual arts, they like to simply think of themselves as a group brought together through a mutual love of art.

During the winter they meet twice a month to share this passion at Knole Academy, which is where our editor caught up with them in February. The session was friendly, lively and included a colourful demonstration of woodland scenes in watercolour from professional artist Jo Louca.


The group revealed a number of talented watercolourists, and all members worked enthusiastically to produce their own interpretations followed by a quick group appraisal to appreciate each other’s efforts.

Sevenoaks is an art club that is engaging, relaxed and friendly, and also admirable in their passion for supporting local charities, using their talents to benefit others through tuition and workshops.They also share their skills by occupying a number of small gallery spaces in the area in addition to their major exhibitions at the Vine and Kaleidoscope gallery.


Much of this activity is influenced by Chairman Doron Lichtman, who has shaken the club up in recent years. His driven approach to organising activities and encouraging members to interact means that instead of a group of people painting in a room, they are a group of people painting together.


There are no restrictions on membership and they are always keen to attract new artists to their group of seventy. If you would like to join or find out more about their activities and upcoming exhibitions please visit their website where you can also browse members work, some of which is available for sale.


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