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Painting with Ashley Hanson

Painting with Ashley Hanson

Meet our workshop winners!

The Village Artists’ Group is based in Crewkerne, Somerset, just a stones throw from historic Ham Hill.

They are a relatively small group that manage to meet to paint and draw together 3 times a week with additional demonstrations and outdoor sessions arranged for the summer.

Painting with Ashley Hanson
Many societies and groups find it difficult arranging and budgeting for workshops, so in June we were very pleased to inform them that they had been selected as the lucky recipients of a full day’s workshop with artist Ashley Hanson, with all materials supplied by GreatArt!

Ashley Hanson is a renowned colourist and landscape artist. whose recent work has been seen in the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, the Discerning Eye and the National Open Art Competition. On this particular day he was bringing his ‘Colour and Coast’ Workshop to the group to inspire them to create a painting of their own place by the sea.

Painting with Ashley Hanson

Ashley Hanson Workshop

I Love Art

We provided the Group  with a selection of paints and brushes from the I Love Art brand to work with, and we gave everyone a canvas that would eventually become their coastal masterpiece.

The workshop begins with colour work and demonstrations in mixing, allowing the group to explore the purity of colour and the range of shades that can be produced. After lunch everyone set to work creating their interpretation of a coastal scene with individual tuition from Ashley.

Ashley Hanson Workshop

Ashley Hanson Workshop
We wanted to free the group from simply copying a photograph or image and to build from their colour tests into a personal, finished piece. So this produced a wide variety of interpretations, and in some cases, work that was largely different from the members’ typical style.

To finish the day the group were encouraged to discuss each other’s paintings and offer feedback, with added tips from Ashley on how to continue. They also had some extra feedback for Ashley and GreatArt as you can see here:

Ashley Hanson Workshop
A productive day with some excellent results!

Ashley Hanson Workshop

If you would like to learn more about Ashley Hanson and his work please visit You will also find details about available workshops and his ‘Freedom in Painting’ courses in Cornwall and Kent.

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