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Ashdown Arts

Ashdown Arts

Ashdown Arts

Established since the end of 2009, Ashdown Arts are a group of professional and semi-professional artists based in and around Forest Row, East Sussex.

The artists create outstanding contemporary fine art, crafts, photography and sculpture.  The group has been instrumental in bringing together artists and artisans of all disciplines from the community and encourages emerging artists to exhibit locally and further afield.

They were formed with the following aims:
To promote the artistic endeavours of the membership and in so doing, promote a strong local arts economy for the enrichment of the community and livelihood of the members.
Through organisational structure and mutual co-operation provide a framework for support, encouragement, resources, opportunities, professional development and inspiration to the membership.
To promote public appreciation and outreach of the arts through exhibitions, workshops, educational activities, skills-exchange and other events, both locally and beyond, to enliven communities and increase connectivity.

Ashdown Arts currently holds one main exhibition each year in Forest Row which in 2017 will be from 17-19th November  at the Small Village Hall in Forest Row, East Sussex. The theme this year will be ‘Go Wild in Ashdown’. It also has links with commercial premises where members can display their work and has held smaller exhibitions, group working sessions and made group visits to exhibitions.
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