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Molenaer, Discount Acrylic Paints

Molenaer, Discount Acrylic Paints

I recently tested Molenaer acrylic paint by GreatArt. 

I felt the need to tell you about my experience as an artist who has used it. Usually geared towards choosing professional-quality art supplies, this discount paint took me back to my early days at art school, when I was looking for affordable solutions to build up my studio equipment. 

Jumping back in time, I embarked with Marty McFly in the DeLorean to revisit my memories and the needs I had at the time. 

You’ve identified the reference, haven’t you? 

Molenaer paint can be used with a brush or a palette knife – Picture by Amylee 

You Will Need  


Artists’ materials available from the Great Art website. 

Blue Molenaer paint – Picture by Amylee 

Why does Molenaer paint have this name? 

Its name was not chosen at random. Molenaer acrylic paint takes its name from the Dutch artist Jan Miense Molenaer (1609 or 1610 – 1668), who was a Baroque painter during the Golden Age, a period of economic, cultural and artistic prosperity in the Netherlands. 

Molenaer trained in the studio of the painter Frans Hals (1582/1583-1666), a major portrait painter of his time known for his lively and expressive techniques, as well as for his works characterised by spontaneous gestures and a relaxed atmosphere. 

In addition to his artistic talent, Molenaer was also involved in the art and property trades. Even in those days, artists had sideline activities. 

His artistic work concentrated mainly on genre scenes, featuring musicians, games, taverns and portraits, as well as a few paintings of a religious nature. Molenaer shared his time with renowned artists such as Rembrandt van Rijn, Johannes Vermeer and Jan Steen. What a beautiful world!  

Kawaii illustrations – Design/Picture by Amylee 

Characteristics of Molenaer Paint: 

Molenaer acrylic paint, made in the Netherlands, offers a variety of features that make it suitable for a wide range of artistic applications. 

  •  QUALITY: An entry-level paint that’s practical when you want to buy acrylic colours without fear of excessive cost. 
  •  WATER RESISTANCE: Once dry, the paint is water-resistant. 
  •  MIXABLE COLOURS: The colours can be mixed together, offering a wide palette for creative expression. 
  •  DRY FINISH: The matt finish has a lovely velvety feel after drying, rather like a gouache. 
  • COVERAGE: The paint has 80% coverage. It works better on white paper than on black. 
  • ONCTUOSITY: The paint falls slightly out of the tube. To work with a knife, add a texture gel. 
  • SOLVENT-FREE AND VEGAN: Environmentally-friendly, the solvent-free formula is suitable for people sensitive to chemicals, and its vegan nature makes it an ethical choice.  

Boy’s portrait in Molenaer paint and black marker – Design/Picture by Amylee 

Who is Molenaer paint for? 

This paint is particularly practical for beginner artists, students, schoolchildren, hobbyists and anyone looking to express their creativity without compromising their budget. Its versatility and affordable cost make it a wise choice for experimenting with painting or illustration on a variety of media such as paper, canvas, cardboard or wood. 


I recommend applying a coat of gesso before painting, especially on rough surfaces such as wood, metal or stone. This undercoat reinforces the paint’s adhesion, preventing the risk of cracking and flaking over time. 

Still not sure? 

Molenaer discount paint represents a smart compromise between quality and cost. Although it’s considered entry-level, its quality is still adequate for training, studying and familiarising yourself with artistic techniques in the studio. 

Whether you’re starting out with small-scale projects, artistic explorations, or just practising your acrylic skills, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the quality and versatility of Molenaer paint. 

Report : Inspirations In My Art Studio 

Tubes of Molenaer acrylic paint 250ml – Picture by Amylee 


Zebra Portrait, Molenaer paint and black marker – Design/Picture by Amylee 

Molenaer acrylic paint colour range – Picture by Amylee 


About the artist: 

From abstract blooms to floral portraits, Amylee Paris’s passion is to make her colours shine among her art galleries (Switzerland, Austria, England), her collectors, and her community. In 2009, Amylee founded a Consulting Studio for Artists that has evolved into a certified training organization. She shares her artist job through blog articles, ebooks guides, coaching, and courses to assist people in professionalizing their careers in the art world. 

Website: www.amylee.parisInstagram @amyleeparis 


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