7 Job Ideas for Future Entrepreneurs Artists

7 Job Ideas for Future Entrepreneurs Artists

7 Job Ideas for Future Entrepreneurs Artists

Do you paint, draw, sculpt or photograph?

Would you like to change your passion into your job?

There are many job ideas where the artist can work in Arts World, and all of these can be intimidating.

The art world still suffers from stereotypes that are partly linked to the disillusionment that artists can face once they have started their activity. The clichés about the life of an artist are then strongly rooted in the collective unconscious.

As in all professions, the art world is a ruthless but above all protean universe.

A brief overview of the beliefs and false ideas that should not prevent you from taking the plunge.

IDEA #1 | Be a man

FALSE! Look at the number of women in art schools, studio teachers, artists on the web, men are not in the majority. Women are asserting their creations and their determination, and they would be wrong to deny themselves this.

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IDEA #2 | Be graduate from an art school

FALSE! Art Universities or Art Schools push you to think, to use methods and tools, but do not teach you the practice of a technique or the mastery of a line. I know many self-taught artists who have a much better pencil stroke than a graduate artist.

I learnt academic drawing thanks to the private artist’s studios in which my parents enrolled me in parallel to my studies.

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The favourite of art students!

IDEA #3 | Be sexy

FALSE! “I know I’m not a Latin or platinum bombshell” and I still manage to exhibit, build a community (and keep it loyal), pay my bills and buy gifts without having to be a bimbo.

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Oops, cover that breast so I can’t see it!

IDEA #4 | Living in London

FALSE ! Seventy years ago I would have thought so, but in 2022 with the internet and transport companies, cities and borders no longer matter. Live in big cities like London or Paris and pay an expensive rent and end up in a micro art studio, I don’t see the point.

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IDEA #5 | Be a young artist

FALSE! The art profession is fabulous and open to all. So, get out of your comfort zone and enjoy the adventure that awaits you when you make a choice. Life is made up of choices that mark out our path. In the end, it doesn’t matter how old you are. When you want to live a more fulfilled and happy life, you listen more to your heart.

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IDEA #6 | Born into a family of artists

FALSE! When I started out, I had no one around me to help me and answer my doubts, anxieties and questions. That’s why I launched my blog in 2009. I was able to talk about being an artist with people who inspired me or who shared their experience.

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IDEA #7 | Work is not fun

AND WHY NOT? You must have heard the quote “choose a job you love and you won’t have to work a day in your life”. I agree with you Mr Confucius!

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Now that you have eradicated all those nasty ideas, you can close this article and start smiling at your most colourful dreams.

GOOD TO KNOW : Article written in May 2022. The fine artist Amylee is not responsible for any changes made to the material mentioned in this text or on GreatArt website. Always check on your side if the mentioned material is still available.

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