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Girault Soft Pastels for Fine Artists

Girault Soft Pastels for Fine Artists

Girault Soft Pastels for Fine Artists 

For years, pastels have been kneaded, sculpted, and polished by generations of dedicated craftsmen, creating a work of art in every little stick. 

Imagine holding in your fingers the colour that opens the doors to a world of endless possibilities. Subtle shades that whisper secret stories. 

Pastels Girault Cardboard Assortment – Picture by Amylee 

Do you know Pastels Girault? 

The texture of these soft pastels is a gentle caress on the paper. They spread and blend with an almost magical ease. Every stroke, every gradient, every deposited pigment becomes an artistic expression. 

When I open a box of Pastels Girault, it’s like opening a door to a new world. 

Art is an endless adventure where each gesture is a story to tell, each colour an emotion to express, each composition transforms imagination into artistic reality. 

Story of Pastels Girault 

Pastels Girault were created in 1780 by Maison Girault in Paris. Universally admired, it’s only natural that the quality of these pastels would be awarded multiple medals at the Universal Exhibitions in Paris. 

Close-Up on Pastels Girault Sticks – Picture by Amylee 

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Artists like QUENTIN DE LA TOUR have contributed to the fame and prestige of the Girault brand. 

Handcrafted French Pastels 

What sets Girault soft pastels apart from other brands is their artisanal craftsmanship.  

Each extra-fine, dry pastel is meticulously and individually handcrafted. Colour pigments are blended with a dry binder, and then the mixture is molded into pastel sticks.  

This attention to detail and artisanal production contribute to the quality and unique texture of the sticks. A popular choice among artists working with dry pastels. 

Pastels Girault – Picture by Amylee 

Colour Range | Texture & Durability 

Girault pastels offer a wide range of colours, from vibrant shades to more subtle nuances. This variety allows artists to create a great diversity of effects and tones in their works. 

Individual pastels, as well as sets in cardboard cases or wooden boxes, are available in store. The boxes protect the individual sticks and allow for organized storage. 

Girault pastels are renowned for their creamy and soft texture, making them easy to blend and smudge on canvas or paper. They are also appreciated for their durability, as they are made with high-quality pigments that resist fading. 

Girault Pastels in Artist’s Studio – Picture by Amylee 

Where can I follow the latest news about Pastels Girault? 

Now based in France, Montignac-Lascaux, Pastels Girault offers a permanent art gallery showcasing renowned international pastel artists.  

A beautiful selection of paintings is available for sale, and initiation or advanced workshops are offered for those who wish to enhance their pastel skills. 

Demonstration at Amylee’s Studio  

Here are some photos shared from Amylee’s studio. 

What a softness, what colour, what a pleasure to get dust on your fingers… 

You’ll need some tools ! 

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GreatArt offers Girault pastels in their stores in London, Shoreditch, as well as in their online shop, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. 

Girault Pastel Assortiment and Fabriano Paper – Picture by Amylee 

Inspired by Toulouse-Lautrec” Soft Pastels on Paper – Picture by Amylee 

Study of a Cat Portrait, Soft Pastels on Paper – Picture by Amylee 

Demonstrations: Girault Pastels on Fabriano Paper by Amylee 

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Amylee Paris is a French artist, art blogger, author, and brand ambassador. She creates colourful paintings, including elegant floral abstracts and vibrant portraits (figures and animal). Inspired by nature, Amylee’s art reflects her profound passion for colours. Since 2009, she has been educating fellow artists, sharing valuable fine art tips, numerous articles, ebooks, and training to assist artists in gaining a deeper understanding of the fine artist’s profession. 

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