How to Make a Painting Palette

How to Make a Painting Palette

Are you trying to use more recycled materials rather than buying new? Would you like to upgrade to a ceramic or glass painting palette, but are looking to save the pennies?

Make your own Palette

I have your solution! A way to make an artist’s palette with very few materials. A palette that is much easier to clean than any plastic one.

Recycled Palette

For this tutorial, you need a simple plate. We all have old stoneware, glass or ceramic dinner plates lying around the house in a sideboard or cupboard. Maybe they’re odd plates from old sets, or out-dated ones that usually end up on the shelf of a charity shop.

With the idea I’m about to share with you, you won’t look at your old (even chipped) plates in the same way. They all have the potential to become great palettes.

At the moment, the table plate has a major disadvantage: it does not separate the colours, and everything will end up mixing after an hour.

A change of design is necessary, so the plate will be equipped with mixing zones to suit the needs of the painter.

How do you do it? It is quite simple.

Essential Materials

  • 1 old plate
  • 1 glue gun +  Cléopâtre glue sticks

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Make your own Palette


Make your own Palette
  • Place the plate on a table.
  • With the glue gun connected, divide the plate with straight lines or draw a sun/star with rays from the centre to the edge of the plate.
  • Do not hesitate to apply thicker glue strands or to go back twice to thicken the line. They will shrink a little when they dry.
Make your own Palette
Make your own Palette
  • Your colours will not mix and will remain visible at a glance.
  • You can repeat the process on other old plates.

Inspiring Pictures From My Studio

Here are some pictures from using my new palettes. It’s great, everything is well shared and the glue stays in place.

Make your own Palette

The glue is strong enough that the palette can be reused several times or easily washed with water.

Make your own Palette

TOP TIP: If you dip the plate in hot water, the glue can be removed with a palette knife. This way, you can change the glue outlines of your palette if you want to.

Make your own Palette

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