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Phosphorescent Paints for Artists| My Top 4

Phosphorescent Paints for Artists| My Top 4

Glow-in-the-dark paint, also known as phosphorescent paint, offers a unique and magical allure to art enthusiasts and creators alike.

Are you looking to make your artworks illuminate in the darkness?

In this article, we will explore the qualities and advantages of phosphorescent paint, as well as its creative applications that captivate the audience’s attention.

Pébéo Paints That Glow in the Night – Picture by Amylee

Luminescent or Phosphorescent Paint?

Luminescent or Phosphorescent Paint?

The terms “luminescent” and “phosphorescent” are often used to describe objects or substances that emit light in the dark, but the difference between luminescent and phosphorescent lies in the duration of light emission.

  • LUMINESCENCE: A substance that emits light after being exposed to a light source. However, once the source is removed, luminescence quickly stops.
  • PHOSPHORESCENCE: A substance that also emits light after being exposed to a light source, but the essential difference is that this glow continues to radiate for an extended period after the light is removed. Phosphorescence can persist for several minutes or even hours, depending on the substance and the intensity of light exposure.

Phosphorescent paint spread by finger on paper in the dark – Picture by Amylee

Illuminate Your Artworks in the Dark!

The main quality of phosphorescent paint is its luminous glow in the dark. Loaded with phosphorescent pigments, this paint captures ambient light when exposed to daylight or an artificial light source.

Then, once the light source is switched off, it emits a soft, ethereal glow in the darkness, transforming the artwork into a striking visual experience.


Phosphorescent paint offers an interactive dimension to art. Viewers are intrigued by the subtle, discreet glow that changes in a dark environment. This glow creates a unique emotional connection, as the work takes on a different look and a completely different composition when plunged into the night.


Using glow-in-the-dark paint expands artists’ creative possibilities. They can add glow to their paintings, sculptures or even art installations to bring to life unique creations that defy the limits of traditional artistic expression. The effect is astonishing!

Works featuring phosphorescent paint have a magical effect on the public’s imagination. They are reminiscent of fairy tales, twinkling stars in the night sky or creatures from the depths of the sea… This magical quality awakens curiosity and stimulates the imagination, transporting spectators back to childhood.

Paintings that glow in the dark –Picture by Amylee

Top 4 of my favourite glow-in-the-dark paints

The wonder of glow-in-the-dark paint encourages artists to explore new creative methods.

1- Marabu Fun & Fancy Phosphorescent Paint

2- Darwi Phosphorescent Paints

3- Pébéo Studio Acrylics Phosphorescent Gel

4- Herbin Phosphorescent Ink

Paints that glow in the dark –Picture by Amylee


You can find a great range of art supplies in GreatArt store in Shoreditch (London) or on online shop.

With its useful applications and magical appeal, phosphorescent paint is a promising option for those who want to add extra sparkle to their work in a totally enchanting way.

Don’t hesitate to give it a try!

Paintings that glow in the dark –Picture by Amylee

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