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Magnani Watercolour Paper 1404

Magnani Watercolour Paper 1404

Magnani Watercolour Paper 1404

Magnani 1404 paper is used by many artists and engravers.

Magnani 1404 is actually the name of the Italian company that has been producing this paper for over 400 years, and it is renowned for its high quality and durability. The brand offers fine art paper as well as beautiful stationery.

Tools in my demonstration – Picture by Amylee

You will need:

Drawing with turmeric sticks – Picture by Amylee


For this demonstration, I wanted to use natural colours. Beet juice and turmeric have become my studio favourites. These colours remind us of the diversity and generosity of nature, although it is true that they are less stable and long-lasting than artificial dyes.

Magnani paper pads – Picture by Amylee

History of Magnani 1404 Paper

Magnani 1404 paper is made from carefully selected cotton fibre, giving it a smooth texture and high durability. One remarkable characteristic of this paper is its ability to absorb ink evenly and regain its integrity after complete drying. This results in clean and precise lines. It also offers excellent resistance to moisture, making it a popular choice for wet techniques such as watercolour and inks

  • 100% cotton natural white paper
  • Manufactured in round form
  • Acid-free, chlorine-free, and free of optical brighteners suitable for use with Magnani exclusive marking pens
  • Excellent resistance, particularly to yellowing and UV rays


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Magnani paper pads and natural colours – Picture by Amylee

Grain and Details with Magnani Paper

Magnani 1404 paper is available in different finishes, including satin grain (Portofino range), fine and smooth grain (Italia range), and textured grain (Toscana range). Each finish offers distinct texture characteristics, allowing artists to choose the one that best suits their style and technique.

Depending on the thickness, texture, and specific features of the paper, Magnani offers other paper ranges: Annignoni, Italia DS, Portofino DS, Toscana DS, Antica cartiera, Disegno, Pastello, Pescia, Velato.

It is worth noting that Magnani 1404 artist paper is generally considered high-end paper, which may be reflected in its price. However, many artists appreciate its exceptional quality and consider it a worthwhile investment.

Be sure to check Magnani’s specifications and recommendations for specific details on available formats, whether in sheets or paper pads

Illustrations by Amylee Paris

Uses and Artistic Techniques

  • Mixed media creations
  • Prints
  • Etching
  • Dry point
  • Aquatint
  • Ink drawing
  • Watercolour
  • Gouache, acrylic

Abstract painting on a block of Magnani paper – Picture by Amylee

Abstract painting on circular block of Magnani paper – Picture by Amylee

Ready-To-Paint Circular Paper Block

Circular paper blocks offer a unique alternative to traditional rectangular or square paper formats. They allow you to break away from the conventional and explore new compositions and formats for painting. The round shape can bring a touch of originality and capture the audience’s attention.

This shape can be used to create balanced and harmonious compositions. It can help establish a central focal point and organize elements in a balanced manner around it. This can be particularly intriguing for abstract paintings or works with repetitive patterns.

Circular paper blocks provide greater freedom of movement. You can rotate the paper at any angle, which can be useful for accessing specific details or exploring different perspectives. This can be beneficial for painting techniques where gesture and movement are important, such as watercolour or acrylic.

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Content provided by Amylee Paris

Amylee pic

The passion of Amylee, fine artist and author is to share her paintings between galleries, art collectors and her community. Amylee is also recognized as one of the most influential French artist-entrepreneurs. Since 2009 she has mentored thousands of visual artists guiding them to thriving their art career.

You can visit her colourful portfolio, her Instagram, or find all Amylee’s posts published in GreatArt online Magazineby clicking here!


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