Tombow | Dual Brush Watercolour Markers

Tombow | Dual Brush Watercolour Markers

Tombow | Dual Brush Watercolour Markers

Do you want to try your hand at watercolour painting?

Why not try out the ready-to-use watercolour marker pockets?

My favourite of the month is the Floral or Greenery pouches from the Japanese brand Tombow. I hope you find the following article interesting.

The Little Dragonfly on Tombow Products.

Do you know the very famous Japanese brand with a dragonfly on it?

Good guess, it’s Tombow!

Why a dragonfly?

Among the Japanese, the dragonfly is a sign of good luck, it comes from the word Tonbō which means bravery and success. Two very powerful words that have always resonated with artists.

An ancient Samurai custom shows the importance of the dragonfly in Japanese culture. In battle, they often wore helmets in the shape of a dragonfly in order to be recognisable on the battlefield.
Today, the dragonfly has a completely different meaning: it represents untouched nature in which people, animals and plants live in harmony. For this reason, the dragonfly is a reminder of Tombow’s preserved traditions, the company’s values, and a commitment to the future.

Picture by Amylee Paris – 2022

ABT Dual Brush Pen

I’m a big fan of Tombow’s watercolour pens, which are water-based. The markers, more precisely called ABT Dual Brush Pen, they can be used for precise lines or diluted with water to create drips, transparencies and halos like in watercolour technique. They are perfect for colouring, creating mandalas, comics, manga, or illustrating bullet journal pages, cards, and more.

Picture by Amylee Paris – 2022

ABT Dual Brush Pens are equipped with one tip on either end of the handle.

  • The first fine tip is made of polyester fibers which give it great stability for fine lines, writing, contours and fine details.
  • The second brush-like tip is made up of thousands of nylon fibers, which give it exceptional elasticity for solid lines and special effects.

The same ink is used for both tips, so that the most used tip is not empty first. The ink doesn’t smudge or bleed through the paper, which is quite nice when placing your colours.

illustration by Amylee Paris – 2022

The Watercolour Set

Want to stimulate your creativity in drawing, painting or writing?

In your favourite shops like GreatArt UK, you will find affordable sets offering Tombow material selected in different ranges: Greenery or Floral.

  • 5 ABT Dual Brush pens (fine tip + brush tip),
  • 1 Fine liner Mono,
  • 1 Mono 100 pencil,
  • 1 Mono Dust Catch Eraser,
  • 1 Reservoir Brush
  • 1 Plastic sheet pallet for blending.

GOOD TO KNOW: How do you differentiate between ABT Pro alcohol-based markers of the water-based ABT Dual Brush Pen at Tombow? It’s quite simple. The water-based pens have a black handle, while the alcohol-based pens have a white/grey handle. Do not hesitate to keep this information in mind when shopping.

Picture by Amylee Paris – 2022

A Ready-To-Use Set

Whether it’s floral or botanical illustrations such as monstera, pila or succulents: the Tombow Watercolour Set (Floral or Greenery) is the first choice for practising watercolours, trying out new mixed techniques or having fun with creative lettering. There is something for everyone, it’s great!

Everything about this package is lovely: the colours selected (water-based, non-toxic, odourless ink), the packaging, the step-by-step instructions to inspire you, the drawing accessories with gum leaves no residue after erasing the pencil, and the fine-tip Fine liner. The covers were designed by the German illustrators May & Berry, 2 artists known for their modern drawing and calligraphy. A reference for cartoonists, illustrators, caricaturists and graphic designers among others. These sets are perfect for a gift if you want to please an artist of your entourage. Personally, I prefer to buy the markers per unit but this set is a good start to get a taste for watercolour.

illustration by Amylee Paris – 2022

GOOD TO KNOW: Even when using markers, watercolour painting requires practice and suitable media. Paper is essential for a good result. Avoid thin paper that is less than 200gsm. In my demonstration here, I used a 100gsm paper that curled very quickly.

Demonstration At My Studio

In this demonstration I used two Tombow sets. The Greenery set has a vegetal range with different greens. The Floral set has a nice selection of pink shades.

Illustration by Amylee Paris – 2022

GOOD TO KNOW: You can find a great range of Tombow in GreatArt store in Shoreditch (London) or on online shop.

illustration by Amylee Paris – 2022

illustration by Amylee Paris – 2022

illustration by Amylee Paris – 2022

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Content provided by Amylee Paris

The passion of Amylee, fine artist and author is to share her paintings between galleries, art collectors and her community. Amylee is also recognized as one of the most influential French artist-entrepreneurs. Since 2009 she has mentored thousands of visual artists guiding them to thriving their art career.

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