Postcards Set By Hahnemühle Paper

Postcards Set By Hahnemühle Paper

Postcards Set – Hahnemühle Paper

There are some things that never change. One of them is the desire to create with one’s own hands by simply using the brush, pencil, or marker without any complex preparation. Paper makes a lot of things easier and if it is of good quality, it makes the creative process enjoyable!

Today I’m talking about my favourite paper.

I recently fell in love with the metal box containing A6 sheets of Hahnemühle watercolour paper, ready-to-use cards that you can personalise yourself.

GREAT TO KNOW: On the front, the paper is free of any graphic or pictorial expression, and on the back, there is a field for a small handwritten message and the address. I tested it, and I will tell you about it in the following article.

Story of Hahnemühle

Since 1584, Hahnemühle has been producing high-quality paper from cotton, bamboo, cellulose or plant fibres and pure spring water to create museum quality and fine art papers.

The main characteristic of Hahnemühle paper is its ability to combine tradition with the most modern technology. Produced according to ancient recipes handed down from generation to generation by master papermakers, it is able to meet the highest quality standards.

Hahnemuehle Watercolour Postcard Sets

Hahnemühle, with its headquarters and factory in Dassel, Germany, produces paper with a passion for quality rather than mass production. The company’s craftsmanship, a lot of manual work (Brand of century) and good customer relations are internationally recognised.

Hahnemühle | High Quality paper

Hahnemühle papers are simply beautiful. The range includes an impressive variety of compositions, grain types and weights. The papers can be used not only for watercolour, but also for acrylic, gouache, tempera, opaque colours, wet-on-wet, washes and for drawing with charcoal, graphite and coloured pencils.

Papers with a Rooster Mill watermark have served art and artists for centuries and are a reliable media. They are known for their high quality. They are acid-free, optical brightener-free, vegan and ageing resistant and are suitable for a wide range of painting and graphic applications.

Painters, graphic designers, illustrators, printers, engravers, photographers, advertisers, archivists, art students, schoolchildren, scientists, engineers and laboratory assistants use Hahnemühle papers and boards. Paper is an essential working tool for them, and for a variety of reasons they place high demands on it.

In 2021, in addition to traditional fine art papers, Hahnemühle will manufacture papers for digital printing as well as technical papers for research and industry. The invention of the “FineArt paper” illustrates their capacity for innovation.

Hahnemühle is the pioneer and leading supplier of FineArt inkjet papers to date. Hahnemühle fine art papers are characterised by an astonishingly high-quality surface finish, which allows photos to be reproduced in the finest detail.

GREAT TO KNOW: These products are currently available at GreatArt Online or in the art supply shop in London Shoreditch..

Hahnemühle | My Review

I recommend the Watercolour Postcards Set from Hahnemühle, which contains pretty A6 watercolour paper cards that will enhance all your instant creations taken on the spot. These cards also make it easy to give small gifts. A little haiku inside a package or hanging on a bunch of flowers always puts a smile on your face!

It is a real pleasure to use this paper.

  • The cards have a natural whiteness and rounded corners
  • The 230gsm paper is textured and pleasant to the touch (available in different grains)
  • The cards are thin but do not deform under the effect of water
  • Paper accepts ink without extreme curl and does not tear when masking tape is removed.
  • The colours do not bleed through to the other side of the paper
  • The cards can be used with watercolour, gouache and acrylic
  • The metal case is still very practical for storing and keeping the cards

GIFT OF THE DAY: this sweet Haiku offered to the readers of GreatArt online magazine to make you aware of the brevity of things.

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