Sennelier, an Overview.

Sennelier, an Overview.

Sennelier | Inks, Paints and Paper

Choosing artist’s materials is a skill that every passionate professional should master. It is a combination of different needs and specific choices, but above all a desire to express one’s own style that guides our purchases.

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Never Trust Bad Quality

The professional painter is not rich enough to buy bad quality. Contrary to what one might think, poor quality is expensive because it ends up being dropped, cluttered and bought back. With cheap stuff, you multiply your expenses, and that’s something we often forget!

Since I became a professional painter, I have completely changed my buying habits. Habits that I had developed when I was an art student. I used to buy in the discount shops thinking I would save a lot of money on my studio budget. Except that all these materials were not intended for quality or long-lasting creation.

From now on, if equipment is to pass through my door, it must be worth it. It has to meet my expectations as an artist, remain durable for my gallery owners and collectors, and provide outstanding quality for my reputation.

Thinking this way has changed my life. I now only buy products that I value and that give me good value. If they don’t, I don’t buy anything, so I save money.

The materials that surround me is like a group of good of friends. I prefer to surround myself with those who are dear to me.

Sennelier | Reliable Equipment

Do you know the Sennelier brand?

The French company Sennelier has been associated with renowned artists since 1887. This brand brings together people who are passionate, curious and attentive to the demands of artists.

Having Sennelier equipment at your disposal will generally give you great satisfaction and will allow remarkable rendering of your paintings in complete confidence. Indeed, Sennelier equipment is costly but it remains a guarantee of quality.

I have been using the Sennelier range for years and I have never encountered a defective product or noticed any damage to my paintings over a long period of time.

And if one day this should happen, I know that the brand’s after-sales service will be there to listen to me if I need them. Sennelier know how to stay close to its community of artists. This can be seen in the many live videos they offer on Facebook or in the frequent interactions they have with their audience on social networks.

My Favourites

Sennelier Watercolour Blocks

The choice of paper should be based on the technique used and its final use. The best quality paper will have a great impact on the value of the work produced. A paper for sketches and tests will be a lower quality paper and therefore less expensive.

The Sennelier paper pads are for a so-called “nomadic” use. Their rigid backs and 4-sided glued sheets make them ideal for outdoor work or for use in the studio. They are appreciated for their perfect hold during the creative process and when using wet techniques.

  • 300 gsm, 100% cotton and acid-free
  • Various grains available (fine, satin, cloth)
  • Glued on 4 sides

GREAT TO KNOW : The sheets of paper quickly return to a flat surface after drying completely and are easily detachable once the composition is dry and complete.

Sennelier Abstract Ink

Abstract multimedia acrylic ink can be used with a nib, brush, airbrush or pen…

  • 100% acrylic ink with high pigment density
  • Water resistant after drying
  • Excellent lightfastness

GREAT TO KNOW: 100% cadmium-free. The Abstract range uses cadmium substitutes in order to limit the harmful impact on the environment. These high-performance substitutes preserve the tone, opacity and luminosity.

Sennelier Abstract Matt Acrylic

Abstract is an ultra-matte, opaque fine acrylic that meets all the quality requirements of artists’ paints. It is very popular with contemporary mixed media, street art and modern artists.

  • Soft body paint consistency and good resistance over time
  • Transparent bag that gives the true colour of the acrylic paint
  • Matte and opaque acrylic, nice velvet look when dry

GREAT TO KNOW : These products are currently available at GreatArt Online or in the art supply shop in London Shoreditch..

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