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Hirameki - Follow your Imagination!

Hirameki – Follow your Imagination!

Hirameki – Follow your Imagination!

by Amylee Paris

Are you looking for a creative moment, a colorful relaxing break, an easy trick to empty your mind? Do you know Hirameki? Amylee explains to us this new technique that keeps your eyes, hand and brain entertained for hours. 

If it’s true that we can find happiness in little things, Hirameki is perfect. A good way  for anyone  who likes to draw, especially creative people who need a bit of inspiration.

If like me, you see goblins in paint spots, characters in clouds, landscapes in moisture rings, and if a small splash of colour quickly turns into something wonderful or poetic, welcome to the club, you’re already practicing perfectly the art of the Hirameki.
Hirameki what it is?  I explain how it works and how to practice it at home very simply.

Hirameki - Follow your Imagination!

Hirameki ||| Definition

Hirameki is like colouring books that reinforce the sensations of well-being and de-stress.
In Japanese “Hirameki” means “flash of inspiration” or “brainwave”. This art technique, created by 2 German artists Peng and Hu, allows you to draw freely from random blots.
It’s time to follow your imagination! Hirakemi has nothing to do with the Rorschach test. Nobody will analyze your drawings at the end. Draw what you see and get into a sunny mood.

Hirameki - Follow your Imagination!

Hirameki ||| Key features

  • When doodling and imagination come together
  • Turning a random blot (made by ink, watercolour, coffee, wine, etc.) into something amazing, just by adding a few dots and lines
  • Addictive pleasure for any age and any level (students, amateur, beginner, advanced etc.)
  • Little equipment needed. If you feel like a bit of fun and have a pen.
  • Relaxing artistic practice that unlocks your imagination and stops white-page phenomena.

Hirameki - Follow your Imagination!

Hirameki - Follow your Imagination!
Hirameki “Homemade” ||| Material

You can find all these materials online or at our GreatArt’s flagship store located in the heart of Shoreditch, London.

Hirameki - Follow your Imagination!

Note: Liquid paint or ink is essential in the art of Hirameki because it is the fluidity that gives rise to the forms of the blots. For nice lively colours, I worked with Liquitex acrylic inks.

Liquitex ink

Hirameki - Follow your Imagination!

  • acrylic inks in bottles (30ml)
  • 30 vivid colours with pigment resistant to light
  • available in opaque, transparent, metallic inks
  • ideal for watercolour effects, illustration, calligraphy, airbrush
  • extremely fluid, odourless, quick-drying
  • practical with its built in pipette
  • shake bottle before use.

Step 1 – Random Blots

Hirameki - Follow your Imagination!

To create random blots, I use several techniques. I will let you choose the one that suits you.

  • On dry paper, work with your left hand or with both hands.
  • On wet paper, apply freely paint with a brush or a pipette.
  • Do not look at the sheet paper while doing the blots with your brush.
  • Work quickly without thinking.

Step 2 – Imagination & Doodling

Hirameki - Follow your Imagination!

My blots are completely dry, so I take an ink pen (or a black marker) and I follow my imagination.
At first, my brain needs a few seconds to connect to the blots but inspiration happens quickly.
Here, a rabbit … and there an old lady … and here a parrot! Have fun ….
Tip: Before drawing, I usually turn my sheet at 90 ° or 180 ° to have another angle of view.

Hirameki - Follow your Imagination!
Hirameki - Follow your Imagination!
Hirameki - Follow your Imagination!

Tip: Create a notebook with a several pages with blots to practice hirameki during your free time..

Hirameki - Follow your Imagination!

Thanks Peng & Hu

The Artists Peng and Hu have published several books about Hirameki. These books will keep your eyes, hand and brain entertained for hours. Website:
Book available at GreatArt just here.

Information for this article was provided by professional fine artist, Amylee Paris. You can visit her colourful portfolio or follow her on Facebook and Instagram

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