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How To Create Torn Paper Landscape

How To Create Torn Paper Landscape

How To Create Torn Paper Landscape

At the heart of our coloured paper, mountain ranges can hide and Sunsets emerge.

Have you ever wanted to create breath-taking panoramas with hypnotizing gradient?

Here’s an easy-to-remember idea that can even be done with the family.

You will need:

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The recipe to follow:

Step 1

First, I take a coloured sheet of paper. With my fingers, I tear a strip of mountainous landforms along the length of my sheet. The tear can be as rugged as you like.

Step 2

Using the same technique, I tear several strips in coloured paper.

The objective is to create a gradient with all papers to give the illusion of mountainous relief and a sky.

Step 3

Once satisfied with my paper strips, I take my rigid support.

I like the thickness of the ARTBOARD Optima blocks from Daler-Rowney.

As I wanted a square shaped support paper, I prepared it before my demonstration.

Step 4

I glue my strips of paper on my support paper like picture just below.

Step 5

Once my coloured papers are glued, I turn the whole sheet of paper over.

Using a cutter and a metal ruler, I cut off all excess papers strips from the square support.

Step 6

I then cut a semi-circle out of a sheet of yellow paper to add a sun to my composition.

With markers, I add some details to give meaning to my landscape like birds in the sky and a path that goes up to the mountain.

And Voilà…!

And now, my landscape reveals its colourful gradient. What an easy, fun and enjoyable activity!

All that remains is to frame it!

For the choice of my frame, I opted for the floater version between 2 Sheets of glass.

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