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AKUA® by Speedball®

AKUA® by Speedball®

How AKUA® began…

In the mid-1990s, Susan Rostow and William Jung – professional printmakers from New York – worked with traditional materials and techniques in their live-in studio. They etched their printing plates with acid, printed with oil-based inks and used turpentine to clean everything. However, they became increasingly annoyed by the limitations and frustrations of working with such a traditional setup. Not to mention the health hazards posed by all those fumes. When they wanted a child, it became even more urgent: after all, they were also living in their studio.

They started experimenting with existing water-based printing inks. The quality was not good, fillers were used in abundance or the inks dried too quickly. With none of these inks could you properly ink an intaglio plate or work for a long time on a monotype. This must be different and better, they decided. So, they started developing their own inks, mediums & tools: AKUA®.

Because it allows them to produce professional work that is equal in possibilities and results to conventional oil-based printing inks, AKUA® quickly became so popular among their fellow printers and artists that their own artistic work came under pressure. Therefore, in 2012 they sold AKUA® to Speedball®, which has stood for innovation and quality since 1899.

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    *) AKUA® | Intaglio® printing ink – by Speedball®.

    *) AKUA® | Liquid Pigment® printing ink – by Speedball®.

    *) AKUA® | Carborundum gel – by Speedball®

    *) AKUA® | Pin Press – by Speedball®

How Speedball® began…

In 1899, C. Howard Hunt began manufacturing crown pens in the small town of Camden, New York, USA. His company – the C. Howard Hunt Pen Company – became a success: soon it was producing 45,000 pens a day!

In 1915 it released the Speedball A-series dip nib, later followed by the B-, C- and D-series. That same year, the first edition of The Speedball Textbook – a comprehensive guide to pen & brush lettering saw the light of day.

Many more new products and brands would be added. Finally, in 1997, the Speedball division was privatized through a management buyout under the name Speedball®.

…for professional printers, by professional printers!


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