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The UK Islands Project with Morwhenna Woolcock

The UK Islands Project with Morwhenna Woolcock

The UK Islands Project with Morwhenna Woolcock

The UK Islands Project. Written and undertaken by Morwhenna Woolcock.

The Creative Adventurer

“What makes Islands so magical? What draws us to these sometimes-remote places and how do they inspire us? For the past year I’ve been exploring this question and am part way through a self-funded/created UK Islands Project. Last year I explored one UK island a month and this year I’m creating artworks in response to my experiences.

The UK Islands Project with Morwhenna Woolcock

The inspiration for this Creative Adventure stems from a desire to discover and share how easy it is to find inspiration and adventure on our doorstep. This particular idea came to me whilst sitting on a small star shaped Island in Thailand a few years ago, pondering:

  • Are there any islands like this closer to home?
  • What’s on my doorstep?
  • What’s around the UK?

Lots of islands I was to discover. Over 3,000 in fact.

I quickly realised that if I wanted to do this project now, it would need to fit around my part-time job with an Arts Charity and general life. Taking off for a year wasn’t going to be practical at the moment. By deciding to visit one a month, I found a way to make it work.

A curious everyday adventurer.

I’m not an extreme adventurer, more a curious everyday adventurer. I’ve discovered how important Creativity, Adventure and Nature are for my own personal wellbeing, as a result of having depression and anxiety and searching out ways to make (and keep) myself well – mentally and physically. I’m on a quest to share and encourage everyone to get out there and have creative adventures no matter what their fitness or artistic level. Its more about the experience.

The UK Islands Project with Morwhenna Woolcock

An additional challenge is having a condition called drop-foot. A side-effect of a brain haemorrhage I had when I was 12. I’m fitted with a bionic walking implant called a STimUSTEP which is amazing and means I am actually able to go on these travels.”

The UK Islands Project with Morwhenna Woolcock

Morwhenna completed 12 island visits in 2017. She will of course be keeping us updated with the work she creates, inspired by each of her island adventures. Check out Morwhenna’s blog for more photos and details about her Creative Adventures.

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