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Stabilo: Children's Pen and Pencils

Stabilo: Children’s Pen and Pencils

Stabilo: Children’s Pen and Pencils

Amylee puts Stabilo children’s pens and pencils to the Test!

Woody, Scribbi, Power, Trio… Welcome to the Stabilo Family! Your child likes to draw and colour, but it’s not always easy to choose THE pencil!

Stabilo: Children's Pen and Pencils
To enlighten us on the subject, I invited a young aspiring artist, William, to talk about his likes and drawing preferences in order to understand his habits as a child, and what he thinks about this choice. Thanks to William for accepting my invitation.

Stabilo: Children's Pen and Pencils

Stabilo Workshop.

Let’s get down to business now…Drawing and especially colouring are paramount in the development of children’s creativity, but how can we choose the right tool? So, I‘ve organised a workshop at William’s to discover a little more.

Stabilo: Children's Pen and Pencils
On this occasion, I’ve brought 7 sets of pens and pencils to test:

Stabilo: Children's Pen and Pencils

Introducing the young artist : William

Stabilo: Children's Pen and Pencils
Inspiration : “Fizzlebert Stump and the girl who lifted quite heavy things” by A.F. Harrold

William is 7 years old. He’s French and speaks fluent English. As a child who’s enjoying the life, he loves sports, loves painting “smiley faces” and copying beautiful illustrations. His favourite artist is Van Gogh he discovered recently in school. He loves blue, red and green colours. Later, he’s aspiring to work as a cook, gardener or superhero.

William’s wearing Gerstaecker Children’s aprons next to his drawing

I’m 7 and I draw with 7 Stabilo

William has invited his friend Paul to attend this workshop. The two little boys were very attentive to my instructions. They drew, tested and made comments on pens and pencils. It’s amazing what the children can do during the first use: draw, scribble, mauling the tip ….

Stabilo: Children's Pen and Pencils

The Selection

1) Point 88 Pen

Hexagonal golden yellow body which is very quickly recognizable. Point 88 Pen has a very thin tip. It is popular for writing, lettering, and to draw precise details. It is available in 30 colours including 5 fluorescent.
Water-based ink, intense and bright colours are appreciated by young and professional artists. Its tip is extra fine metal clad to ensure excellent durability of use. It can be sold individually or in packs.

2) 68 Fibre Pen

Inspired by the hexagonal design of the famous Point 88 Pens, 68 Fibre Pen  is ideal for those who love drawing. Its thin body and sturdy bullet tip allows for regular drawing. It is available in 46 colours, including 6 fluorescent. Its bright colours and odorless water based ink are equally suited to young artists and professionals. This pen can remain open for up to 24 hours without drying. Also available in “mini pen” version.

Stabilo: Children's Pen and Pencils

3) Trio Pencil

The Trio is a coloured pencil in triangular body, ideal for learning colouring without boundaries. It is available in 24 colours in cardboard boxes of 12, 18 or 24 pencils. Its broad and flexible lead allows for quick colouring. Its adapted form allows small hands to learn how to place fingers.

4) Trio Fibre Pen

Trio 2 in 1 has two tips: a thin 0.5mm tip to write and an average tip of 2mm to colour, so you can change from writing to colouring easily. The water-based ink washes easily on fabrics and skin. 10 colours are available.

5) Woody Chunky Pencil

The Woody is easily recognizable. This is a big pencil, quite short, with large tip. 3 in 1, it is also a watercolour and a pencil. It is available in 18 colours and has a soft and well pigmented lead. It is easy to use and adapts to all smooth surfaces: glass, plastic, tiles and is easily erased with a cloth. His only issue is to force us to invest in a XXL-size pencil sharpener and paintbrush but as Stabilo thinks of everything, there are sets with brush and Pencil Sharpener provided.

Stabilo: Children's Pen and Pencils

6) Trio Scribbi Marker

The indestructible and ingenious marker, the darling child! Ergonomic body, wide and triangular for better grip. Its tip is mounted on shock absorber for longer use. The Scribbi Marker is available in 12 colours. Its ink is washable and does not dry for 24 hours even if you forget to put the cap on.

7) The Power Pen

Must-have for kids who love drawing from 4 years. Its rounded average tip resists drying even for 8 weeks if you forget to put on the cap.
Its ink is washable. Power is available in 30 vibrant colours cardboard boxes of 12, 18, 24 or 30 pens. Also available as Power Max!

Deliberation of the artists

Top 3 William (7 years old):

  • Woody pencil
  • Trio Pencil
  • Power Pen

William’s comments: « They are colouring quickly and are good when you learn to do the colouring. They make broad strokes. The cap is easy to remove and recover. The woody is cool because it makes painting!

Stabilo: Children's Pen and Pencils

Top 3 Paul (7 years old):

Paul’s comments: I like these ones because the other tips were too thin, they “suck” – showing the Point 88 Pens -. Woody pencil is painting as well. It’s new, I like that!
Here is a selection of masterpieces by William and Paul during the workshop!

Stabilo: Children's Pen and Pencils
The content for this post was provided by professional artist, Amylee. You can visit her blog here and her portfolio.

Information for this article was provided by professional fine artist, Amylee Paris. You can visit her colourful portfolio or follow her on Facebook and Instagram

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