Simple Printmaking with Gelli Arts

Simple Printmaking with Gelli Arts

Gelli Arts Gel Plates

The Gelli Arts Gel plates look and feel like gelatin, but are durable, reusable and store at room temperature. They are easy to clean and always ready for easy, fun printing techniques!

The Gelli Arts gel plates are easy to use and suitable for monoprinting on paper or fabric using water-soluble printing inks, fabric paints and acrylic. You can even use oil colour.

Simple Printmaking with Gelli Arts

Start by applying your colour and coating the plate with a roller. Once you have done this you can use a range of textures, stencils or soft-tipped tools such as paint brushes and colour shapers to create your design. When ready, place your paper or fabric over the plate and press evenly all over. Carefully peel it away to reveal your print.

Simple Printmaking with Gelli Arts
Take a look at this video tutorial for more inspiration. There are lots of ways to experiment with Gelli Arts to create layered pieces and textured effects.

Essential Tips for working with Gelli Arts

  • Acrylics can be cleaned from the plate easily with soap and water, for oil paints, rub the surface with baby oil and wipe clean with a paper towel. Rinse the plates and pat dry after cleaning.
  • Hand sanitizer can be used to remove paint residue. simply rub over the surface and wipe clean with a paper towel.
  • Do not use pointy tools such as toothpicks or pencils to create your design as these may scratch the gel surface leaving permanent marks.
  • Store your plate in its original package or on a smooth tray or glass sheet. Ensure it is kept on a clean surface. The plates are extremely sensitive and will imprint any texture it is sitting upon.
  • Do not wrap in plastic wrap or waxed paper as these will leave an imprint.
  • The Gelli plate material contains a harmless mineral oil. If left on an absorbent surface this will leach a small amount of oil. We recommend you protect your work surface with a baking tray or piece of glass.
  • Do not use glossy paper stock, including photo paper. This can damage the plate.
  • The plates contain no latex or animal products. Over time it is normal for the plate to lose its glass finish or become cloudy. This will not affect its perfomance.
  • Keep away from heat sources and open flames.

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