Bubble Wrap Roller Printing

Bubble Wrap Roller Printing

The famous MacGyver could not have done better! Thank you Amylee for sharing this with us!

Bubble Wrap Roller Printing: New Tips

Today, I am going to share with you a tutorial which is quite easy to reproduce, but above all, some tips on how to create an instant and amazing pattern. An idea inspired by old wallpaper printing rollers!

You Will Need:

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Prepare the Roll

1. Stick a strip of double-sided tape on the polyamide core of the ink roller. Non-slip plastic, polyamide facilitates the adhesion of the tape in this recipe.

2. Then, apply the bubble wrap around the bearing, sticking it with the tape. The strip of bubble wrap needs to cover perfectly without overlapping.

3. You can see here, how it should look!

Colour Preparation

1. Add a dab of pure colour to the tray.

2. Use the roller in small successive back-and-forth movements to distribute the paint over the entire surface of the bubble wrap.

Painting Demonstration

1. Once the bubble wrap is covered with paint, apply the colour from top to bottom on the paper as if to create strips of patterns.

2. It’s great, the pattern takes place in the blink of an eye.

Once the paper is completely filled, I let the paint dry.

Adding Foreground

Once everything is dry, I can then dress this textured polka dot background.

Why not paint flowers or add a little paper-cut bird?

This bubble wrap pattern is so quick to execute! Come on, it’s your turn.

Content provided by Amylee Paris

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