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Potterycrafts, a ‘best of British’ manufacturer!

Potterycrafts are the largest UK manufacturer of pottery kilns for craft and education. Originally formed in 1983 and based in Stoke-on-Trent, Potterycrafts kilns are built on site by hand and are widely acclaimed as being robust, efficient and reliable. They are certainly counted as a proud addition to the GreatArt best of British manufacturer range!

The company was originally formed with the merger of the craft supplies businesses of three industrial companies including Podmore, Wenger and Harrison Mayer following their purchase by Cookson plc. They became an independent company in 1988, were sold to Imerys in 1995 and a management buyout in 2006 led to the creation of Potterycrafts in the UK and their sister company of Ceradel in France. Potterycrafts also incorporated the kiln builders Webcott, who were part of Wenger and one of the longest established craft kiln manufacturers in the country.
The Potterycrafts kilns are all built by master craftsmen, relying on years of experience using materials of superior quality. Their kilns have even recently been redesigned to further improve their efficiency, reliability and even their appearance, so the company really have the interests of dedicated potters in mind, supplying the ideal products to schools, studios and ceramic artists. Their kilns are made with a low thermal mass insulation brick which is also used for the lids, doors and kiln base, with a back up insulation board, before being encased in a high grade steel frame or jacket. Heavy duty kanthal A1 spiral wound elements are used to heat the kiln and are located in grooves around the side walls to allow uniform heat distribution throughout the chamber.
All kilns are RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment) and WEEE (Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment) compliant.
The Potterycrafts products sold by GreatArt include their conveniently sized and easy to use hobby kiln range, the Topworker top loading kilns, traditional front loading kilns including the Heatworker and Lightmaster models and the semi industrial Ceramaster range, and two models of pottery wheels.
When purchasing from the Potterycrafts range with GreatArt you will be aided from start to finish. To ensure that the delivery and installation of your kiln goes smoothly you will be taken through a questionnaire regarding the location intended for your kiln and the access available. In some circumstances, if it is necessary, a smaller kiln can be recommended or a build on site can be arranged for an additional fee if there is little or no access. Once you have your kiln, Potterycrafts commitment to quality means they are still available to help you if you need them. All kilns carry a three year warranty (excluding elements) and on the rare occasion that a problem develops with your kiln after purchase, on site repairs can be arranged and any replacement parts can be sent within approximately 2-3 days.

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