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Finetec Watercolour

Finetec Watercolour

Watercolour Artist Review 2022 | Finetec

FINETEC offers a watercolour ranges of truly exceptional quality. These colours known for their striking luminosity and beautiful shimmering effects.

I have received many compliments on colours of my landscapes, portraits, or abstract patterns after using these paints. So I wanted to tell you more about the FINETEC brand today in this post.

FINETEC – Picture/Amylee

About FINETEC Paints

Nestled in a small German village, the FINETEC factory stands among the hills. A brand that prefers to work within a rich family tradition in order to produce the best art supplies in the world.

Elaborated with some painters and calligraphers, the colours are manufactured in an artisanal way with solar modules located in Emskirchen (in Germany), an equipment which allows to produce ecological electricity.

Great care is therefore taken in the manufacture and assembly of these paint boxes. Three things are taken into account: customer needs, product quality and consistency.

FINETEC metal box – Picture/Amylee

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When I paint with these watercolours, I sometimes mix my palettes and combine different brands together. With FINETEC watercolours, mica will glisten in the water after rinsing the brush. Be sure to wash it thoroughly and use clean water if you don’t want this mica to get on your other watercolours. Mica is a non-oxidizable mineral.

FINETEC Watercolour – Illustration/Picture by Amylee

FINETEC Watercolour Details

The FINETEC Premium watercolour collection includes a variety of pearlescent, iridescent, metallic, flip-flop and neon colours. The line consists of transparent watercolours and various special effect shades that provide a beautiful shine to paintings.

  • fine quality, non-toxic, light-fast colours that meet the American ASTM D-4236 standards.
  • Made from purified gum arabic and a high pigmentation of ethically sourced natural mica.
  • single surface pans with pleated reliefs, coarse grain or faceted effects for easy mixing with water.
  • colours show their full brilliance on all absorbent surfaces such as watercolour paper, cardboard, wood and stone.

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You can find a great range of paints in GreatArt store in Shoreditch (London) or on online shop.

FINETEC watercolour- Picture Amylee


How To Use FINETEC Watercolours?

FINETEC – Picture by Amylee

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Positive point: I was able to erase the graphite pencil lines once the paint was completely dry.

My Artist Review

FINETEC watercolour paints are extraordinarily pigmented! I love that feeling of colouring with liquid metal especially with the golden pearl shade. I give it a 5 star rating!

All the comments I have read on several artists’ websites are absolutely true. FINETEC colours shine brighter than any other watercolour with highlights.

Don’t be surprised, FINETEC boxes of 6, 12 (or even in single pan) is still quite expensive but it is really quality that is worth the price. After using these paints, one becomes very demanding in buying new colours from other brands.

These watercolours can be mixed with each other and are characterized by a quick and smooth dissolving. Just put a drop of water in the pan or spray it with a little water before painting, to easily load the brush. I would add that when applying the colours, they do not fuse together to create gradations nor do they concentrate pigment on the contours of the shapes as in classic watercolour.

  • The light shades are transparent but more opaque in pearlescent versions. Their originality lies in the fact that they react differently depending on the colour of the support used (white or black).
  • Iridescent colours appear almost transparent on a light background and sparkle as if by magic depending on the viewing angle. On dark backgrounds, preferably black, the colours are more visible.
  • The pans are very practical and really solid. They clip on and off very easily in their metal box. This last one has moreover several compartments dug in its lid to facilitate the mixing. 

FINETEC – Picture by Amylee

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For a more even colour, I recommend working your brush strokes in one direction. In fact, some shades require two layers of colour for more intense shiny effect.

Amylee’s Studio Inspirations

FINETEC – Picture by Amylee

FINETEC – Picture by Amylee

FINETEC – Picture by Amylee

FINETEC – Picture by Amylee

FINETEC – Picture by Amylee

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