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Pebeo MAT Pub Review

Pebeo MAT Pub Review

from Amylee Paris

Pebeo MAT pub is an innovative, fluid acrylic paint. It can be applied to almost any clean surface and also used outdoors.

I often like testing other brands of acrylic paints. This time, I have a crush on MAT pub paint. It’s the name that attracted me. What’s this? Why? Is it paint for advertising? Because in French “Pub” means “Publicité” = advertising. You may find it funny, but I thought that at first glance.

This subject interests you? Ok, here is my post that describes the characteristics of this paint.
Once upon a time, Pébéo:
For the short story, the MAT Pub paint was created in 1978 by Pébéo.  When the company started (just after the first world war), Pébéo was the specialist for gouache and acrylic paints in France. Over time, the brand has diversified, and now offers, all types of fine art materials. A little history is always useful to my new readers. I know they are very numerous, so do not forget them!

I tested this paint. With the first stroke of your brushes, you can really feel the comfort that comes from its consistency. I said “Ohlala, I’m going to do a lot of nice things with this paint.”
Simple and efficient, the MAT Pub paint combines the specific qualities of a traditional gouache with those of a fairly high-end acrylic.
Whether you are painting in the studio or in the street, a professional artist or beginner, working in illustration and lettering, the huge versatility of this acrylic paint will please you as much as it did me.
I understand better why they chose the name now. In Pub (as Publicité in French), we know that people appreciate originality, versatility, adaptability and also love to wear colours. Maybe that’s why Pébéo gave it that name!

  • GOOD TO KNOW: When we compare the price of MAT pub with prices of other brands of acrylic paint, we can see that for 140ml it has a fairly good price, particularly for this level of quality.

Characteristics of the MAT pub paint:

  • MAT pub by Pébéo (France)
  • Highly pigmented and extra matt finish
  • Creamy, with a slight odour
  • Fluid consistency with a matt gouache like finish, opaque* (*except for the fluorescent shades).
  • UV and weather resistant, cadmium free
  • Excellent viscosity for different techniques (dripping effects, airbrush if diluted with water) or graphic arts (drawing, illustration, lettering)
  • Very good hold to almost any clean surface (paper, canvas, wood, metal, stone, inside or outside)
  • Fast drying, ideal for layers (no cracking)
  • Mixes with water, flexible and permanent finish
  • No obvious brush strokes after drying
  • You can use it for street art, outdoor decoration (frescoes, trompe l’oeil, murals) or event communication (posters, banners)
  • Sophisticated cap that can be unscrewed (to pour paint easily) or opens with a hinge (allowing you to dip your brush)
  • Transparent packaging, practical and reusable (if you want to be ecological)
  • Available in 140ml or 500ml jars.
  • Mixes and cleans with water

This paint is currently available at GreatArt Online and can be ordered to collect from their art supply shop in London Shoreditch or delivered to your home.

Pictures from my studio:

MAT pub acrylic paint can also be used as an undercoat just like a Gesso (dilute the colour by 1/3 with water).

No need to add water, the fluidity of the paint allows for direct application of the colour.

To have a 100% matt finish, I personally would apply a second layer of paint for perfect and velvety colour.

  • GOOD TO KNOW: Fluorescent shades remain transparent when applied to colours other than white. With a white undercoat, fluorescent shades maintain a good intensity.

I work with several brands of acrylic paint, and for most I have noted the same thing. Fluorescent shades are often transparent.
(example above with green and fluo yellow paint. The flowers are completely covered with opaque green)

Always close the container after use because MAT pub acrylic paint dries quickly.

The content for this post was provided by professional fine artist, Amylee Paris. You can visit her colourful portfolio or follow her on Facebook and Instagram.
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