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An Easel into a Table - Mabef M25 Lyre Easel

An Easel into a Table – Mabef M25 Lyre Easel

An Easel into a Table – Mabef M25 Lyre Easel

The Mabef Lyre Easel

If you like 2-in-1 stuff, this article on the Lyre Easel will amaze you! Thanks Amylee for a review on your latest crush!

Is it an easel or a table? Both! It is an easel which converts into a painting table. What an ingenious and useful idea for an artist!! I have a big crush on this new friend in my studio. Let’s talk about it…

An Easel into a Table - Mabef M25 Lyre Easel


MABEF, just for artists:

The Italian company MABEF has manufactured and distributed wooden products for artists since 1948: studio easels, field easels, palettes, sculptor stand, painting boxes, browsers, the amount of choice is a dream!
At Mabef, wood is beautifully crafted to meet the expectations of all artists with solidity, and functionality that will last a lifetime.

For a long time I have wanted a good, really strong easel that was very useful as my studio is quite small. So I chose the Mabef M25 Lyre Easel, because this one changes into a painting table. The perfect choice to avoid overloading your workspace. It can be used for display in an exhibition or for working, the M25 is a real Swiss army knife for a studio.

An Easel into a Table - Mabef M25 Lyre Easel

Mabef M25 Lyre Easel:

  • Italian made by MABEF.
  • Lyre easel in oiled beech wood.
  • Can also be converted into a painting table.
  • 23m tall, measures 61x64cm at the base and weighs 9kg.
  • 2 vertically sliding shelves.
  • Suitable for canvas up to 2m tall and 10kg in weight.
  • Ideal for oil painting, acrylic, watercolour, varnishing, etc.

This product is currently available at GreatArt Online and can be ordered to collect from their art supply shop in London Shoreditch..

How does it work?

An Easel into a Table - Mabef M25 Lyre Easel

  1. Move the shelves up and down using the metal handles.
  2. At the back, loosen the 2 butterfly screws to slide the shuttle easily.

An Easel into a Table - Mabef M25 Lyre Easel

Adjust the vertical bars to form a trapezoid, then tighten the butterfly screws at the back of the wooden shuttle (located underneath).

Demonstration with a painting:

Always fix the shelves on top of the easel before folding it.

An Easel into a Table - Mabef M25 Lyre Easel
To move from painting to varnishing, this easel is absolutely perfect!

An Easel into a Table - Mabef M25 Lyre Easel
We can see the trapezoid shape in this picture.

Benefits of this studio easel:

  • Nicely finished, robust, reliable.
  • Easy to assemble (I needed 15 minutes)
  • Can be transformed into a painting table, space saving, simple use.
  • 100% recyclable.
  • 3 possible inclinations: horizontal, leaning backwards or vertical.
  • Can also hold 2 canvases at the same time.

An Easel into a Table - Mabef M25 Lyre Easel


You can apply linseed oil with a soft cloth to moisturize the wood, and bring out its natural veining. This also helps to avoid crackling.

Tips for use:

To protect wood from paint stains, you can wrap the shelves with plastic film.

An Easel into a Table - Mabef M25 Lyre Easel
NOTICE: Wood remains a “living” material and is therefore susceptible to contracting or expansion with variations in heat and / or humidity. This may occasionally restrain the sliding parts. To eliminate these disadvantages, do not hesitate to loosen the screws more or tighten them less.

Amylee’s Review:

This easel is really very ingenious and pleasant to use. Besides being practical, it is very beautiful. It lacks just 4 small wheels with a brake to make it easily transportable from one room to another.

Information for this article was provided by professional fine artist, Amylee Paris. You can visit her colourful portfolio or follow her on Facebook and Instagram

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