Watercolour painting on canvas

Watercolour on Canvas If you want to paint with watercolour on canvas, we advise you add a little something before starting to paint. Amylee has tested the method with Sennelier’s Semi-Absorbent Gesso. So what does she think? With watercolour painting, I particularly … Continue reading

Painting with Inks and LanaVanguard

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Easy ways to make Watercolour Patterns

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10 ways to ‘Wake Up’ your Creativity!

Amylee’s 10 Simple Methods  Everyone can be creative, whether it’s painting, knitting, making photos or jams, or designing a new organization chart. Using our creativity, we enrich our daily life, find solutions and express ourselves differently. Is your creativity currently … Continue reading

9 Easy Products for Watercolour Painting

Watercolour Painting from Amylee Have you ever perused the different forms of watercolour paint? Read Amylee Paris’ review to get some interesting insights! The recipe for watercolour is very simple. It is a coloured paste made from powdered pigment, and gum Arabic. … Continue reading

An Easel into a Table

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Choosing Wooden Painting Panels

Amylee reviews this traditional painting surface! Wood and Hardboard Panels, offer a great solution to stretched canvas.To begin your adventure in painting and drawing on wooden panels, the differences you need to know are very simple. Art board, wooden panel, painting board, … Continue reading

Varnish on an Acrylic Painting

Amylee shows just how easy it is to adjust your finish! Varnishing gives a beautiful and durable finish, but what do you do if you want to reduce gloss? Here’s a useful guide presented by Amylee Paris to show you how to change … Continue reading

A Colouring Pad for Adults

Amylee tries The Design Home Book Amylee shows us her latest ‘Art Crush’, allowing her to play with colours everywhere: at home, at the studio or while traveling… A topic that will fascinate both beginners and experienced artists alike. Do you like … Read more ...

15 Artists’ Palettes for...

Amylee’s list of 15 ways to mix your colours! A brilliant idea that makes it possible to quickly know the main palettes used by artists and painters. And at your studio? which one do you prefer? Oval, round, rectangular or … Read more ...