15 Artists’ Palettes for your Studio

Amylee’s list of 15 ways to mix your colours! A brilliant idea that makes it possible to quickly know the main palettes used by artists and painters. And at your studio? which one do you prefer? Oval, round, rectangular or … Continue reading

20 Amazing Ways to use Binder Clips

Binder Clip ‘Life Hacks’ from Amylee! TBinder Clips are really handy in many areas around your studio or your office. Amylee has listed some nice ideas for us. Small or large, black or multicoloured, a binder clip has infinite uses. … Continue reading

Amylee’s Colour Shaper...

Colour Shaper: A New Generation of Brush When tradition is combined with innovation, one expects amazing ideas. And what could be more amazing than creating a hairless brush! This original tool, with a silicone tip, allows you to paint, mix … Read more ...

The Fantastic 15 for Shipping Work

15 Products to Prepare your Work for Shipping A practical guide helping artists to send artwork easily and effectively. More good gestures and less stress! Are you planning to ship a work of art soon in a home-made parcel? You can … Continue reading

How to Create Rainbow Lettering

Amylee’s Colourful approach to Creative Writing  Do you want to use colours in your calligraphy? Here is a very easy technique to follow. The secret is to have good materials and lots of ideas! I like Pinterest, yes, I admit … Continue reading

Clairefontaine Oil Paper

by Amylee “Paper that is inspired by linen” If I say “a surface for oil painting”, I guess that most of you will think “easel”, “stretched canvas” or “bulky material”? But that was before … Today, artists are completely released! … Continue reading

Clairefontaine Acrylic Paper

by Amylee Specially designed for Acrylic Painting Paper is the perfect support for practicing acrylic painting, trying new styles, new techniques, or expressing inventive ideas. It is lightweight and more economical than other media. It engages both professional artists and … Read more ...

Amylee’s Glazing Technique

How to Make Glazes in Acrylic Painting Do you want to know more about the possibilities of acrylic painting? Amylee shows us a great way to build up distinct layers of colour using the glaze technique. Do you stay stone-faced … Continue reading