9 Easy Products for Watercolour Painting

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An Easel into a Table

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Choosing Wooden Painting Panels

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Varnish on an Acrylic Painting

Amylee shows just how easy it is to adjust your finish! Varnishing gives a beautiful and durable finish, but what do you do if you want to reduce gloss? Here’s a useful guide presented by Amylee Paris to show you how to change … Continue reading

A Colouring Pad for Adults

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15 Artists’ Palettes for...

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20 Amazing Ways to use Binder Clips

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Amylee’s Colour Shaper...

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The Fantastic 15 for Shipping Work

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How to Create Rainbow Lettering

Amylee’s Colourful approach to Creative Writing  Do you want to use colours in your calligraphy? Here is a very easy technique to follow. The secret is to have good materials and lots of ideas! I like Pinterest, yes, I admit … Continue reading