How to Make your own Wrapping Paper

Your own arty wrapping paper! Check out this simple way to make your own arty wrapping paper at home. An idea that will make your artworks look even more awesome than they already are! Need to ship an artwork in pretty paper, to offer a celebratory gift or simply … Continue reading

The Happy Artist

A philosophy from Amylee Artists need to live and create with that subtle feeling of contentment. You know, the kind of happy that makes you smile when you put your head on your pillow at night. Amylee Paris explains how … Continue reading

My Top 10 Favourites from I Love Art

Amylee’s Favourites What a beautiful declaration of love, thank you Amylee! Do you have any favourite art materials from the I LOVE ART range? Let us know on social media! If I say “I LOVE ART”, what do you think … Continue reading

The Masking Pen

Tried and Tested by Amylee An interesting tool that will certainly inspire some ideas in those of us who like to make original Valentines cards! We have to be able to enjoy the little things in a creative life, and … Continue reading

The Importance of saying Thank You

Ship a Thank you note with your orders “Little words are stronger than long speeches! Consider it for your next order.” Thank you Amylee, for this helpful topic! You have to send a piece of art to a customer soon? Great, … Continue reading

Bubble Painting with Amylee

Bubble Painting: Easy Tutorial When we were kids, we used to blow soap bubbles. Here is a new way to do it with coloured inks and a straw. You can see from Amylee’s demonstration that the bubbles make interesting abstract … Continue reading

Watercolour painting on canvas

Watercolour on Canvas If you want to paint with watercolour on canvas, we advise you add a little something before starting to paint. Amylee has tested the method with Sennelier’s Semi-Absorbent Gesso. So what does she think? With watercolour painting, I particularly … Continue reading

Painting with Inks and LanaVanguard

Create Abstract Art with Amylee We celebrate the many approaches to abstract art and we love sharing abstract painting ideas and tips. Have you tried ink colours on yupo paper? Amylee explains how it works!   💦TECHNIQUE: ABSTRACT ART With … Continue reading

Easy ways to make Watercolour Patterns

A Tutorial from Amylee Learn how to make patterns with this easy watercolour tutorial. Follow these simple steps written by Amylee Paris and you’ll make super patterns every time. Want to learn a little tip that will give new style to your watercolour paintings? This tip is … Continue reading

10 ways to ‘Wake Up’ your Creativity!

Amylee’s 10 Simple Methods  Everyone can be creative, whether it’s painting, knitting, making photos or jams, or designing a new organization chart. Using our creativity, we enrich our daily life, find solutions and express ourselves differently. Is your creativity currently … Continue reading