The power of little things

The power of little things

Because small attentions have a powerful effect, let’s use our creativity to brighten the day of those we care about.

The Power of little things

Lockdown means that millions of people find themselves far away. Some are working from home, others are off work. Beyond the stress linked to the health crisis Covid 19, one of the main difficulties encountered is isolation.

The risks of social isolation

Faced with the isolation we have experienced since 2020, how can we keep the link and take care of our loved ones from a distance? Life is very short, support is the key.

In times of lockdown and curfew, human beings need to feel love from their loved ones (family, friends, etc.). This is scientifically proven. Support from loved ones has a beneficial impact on our moral and physical well-being.

Valentine’s Day, yes, but tomorrow?

Do you have to have a reason to offer a little attention?

Is it necessary to celebrate a particular event such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or a birthday?

No! Unexpected moments are always the most precious and appreciated.

The Power of little things

Small attentions make the most beautiful relationships

From time to time, breaking up the routine with small attentions, small improvised gifts, avoids regrets, gives enormous pleasure to the recipient and of course to the giver.

There are different ways of expressing affection: a simple gesture, a phone call, a small message, a drawing. Everybody is capable of it, even the most shy or less expressive among us.

Don’t know where to start?

  1. First of all, think of one or more people.
  2. Then go into your workshop, or your creative materials drawer!
  3. Take a sheet of paper, a bit of colour, and start by expressing an I LOVE YOU in the language you like.
  4. Distribute your creation, a little attention should travel and not stay at the bottom of a drawer.

Creative Tools

Inspirational pictures from my studio

These pretty illustrations will come to fill envelopes, then fly to other skies to bring a smile to a loved one’s face.

The Power of little things
The Power of little things
The Power of little things
The Power of little things

This post made you want to share a little attention in your turn?

Do it now, don’t postpone it until tomorrow.

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