9 Easy Products for Watercolour Painting

Watercolour Painting from Amylee Have you ever perused the different forms of watercolour paint? Read Amylee Paris’ review to get some interesting insights! The recipe for watercolour is very simple. It is a coloured paste made from powdered pigment, and gum Arabic. … Continue reading

Choosing Wooden Painting Panels

Amylee reviews this traditional painting surface! Wood and Hardboard Panels, offer a great solution to stretched canvas.To begin your adventure in painting and drawing on wooden panels, the differences you need to know are very simple. Art board, wooden panel, painting board, … Continue reading

Amylee’s Top 17 Artists Acrylics

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Amylee’s Top 15 Amazing Brushes

Because I mainly use the right side of my brain, and I sometimes compare things around me, here are some amazing brushes that I have recently discovered. The studio takes a humorous note with this new Top 15! 15/ X-Brush … Continue reading