Choosing Wooden Painting Panels

Amylee reviews this traditional painting surface! Wood and Hardboard Panels, offer a great solution to stretched canvas.To begin your adventure in painting and drawing on wooden panels, the differences you need to know are very simple. Art board, wooden panel, painting board, … Continue reading

Choosing the right white

Ensure you make the right choice for your painting… Why do manufacturers offer varieties of white in a paint range when they all look so similar? When it comes to oil painting, white is used more than any other colour … Continue reading

Oil Pastel
Oil Pastels

Achieve interesting effects on a multitude of supports… Oil pastels appeared in the artistic world long before the dry pastels did. Their composition is made up of pigment and oil or beeswax as a binder and therefore offer a completely … Continue reading

Wooden Panels
Using Wooden Panels

Apply your creations to a wooden surface… For centuries, artists used wooden plates as substitutes for the classic canvas. It offered an original expression surface and gave a unique splendour to their artworks. The first traces of this artistic technique … Continue reading

Van Gogh Oil Colour
Van Gogh Oil Colour

A new oil colour from Royal Talens… Artists choose Van Gogh oil colour because they want quality, and this allows them to focus completely on their creativity and painting without worrying that they are compromising on excellence. Van Gogh Oil … Continue reading

Winsor & Newton Artisan Water Mixable Oil

No solvents required… Unusual among traditional oil paints, Winsor & Newton Artisan oil is soluble in water but offers all the painting qualities required by the most demanding artists: smooth consistency, good lightfastness, good opacity or transparency, good colour mixing, glazes … Continue reading

Winsor & Newton Liquin

Winsor & Newton Liquin Loved by artists and a must have for any keen oil painter! See how liquin products can aid your painting…