Watercolour painting on canvas

Watercolour on Canvas If you want to paint with watercolour on canvas, we advise you add a little something before starting to paint. Amylee has tested the method with Sennelier’s Semi-Absorbent Gesso. So what does she think? With watercolour painting, I particularly … Continue reading

Museo Alu Stretchers

Combining wood and aluminum, with extreme stability, Museo Alu Stretchers are part of the new generation of frames that will be with the artist for years! This reinforced structure allows for larger sizes! I tested and participated in the building of one of these new frames. … Continue reading

Museo Quality Art Canvas

NEW! Museo Stretcher Bars. Custom build your own wood and aluminium canvas frames with ultimate stability. Watch our video to see how they work! Museo high...

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Why do you need your Wooden Wedges?

How do they work? You’ve recently bought a stretched canvas and you are asking yourself what the small plastic bag on the back should be used for.What do we do with these small triangles? A lot of people ask the … Continue reading

Cotton Linen
Cotton or Linen?

An essential knowledge of the basics… When it comes to your artwork a lot of the selection process for materials comes from personal preference, but having essential knowledge of the basics can help you choose based on what works best … Continue reading

Professional XL Alu

New from GreatArt: Professional XL Alu! Very large formats are finally available without placing a custom order. The aim of this new range is to make stable, high quality, large formats easily accessible to artists for exhibition works. Large format artworks require advanced materials to … Continue reading

Classico 2
Classico 2

The much loved Classico canvas with a new look! Now you can encorporate the sides of the canvas into your artwork.   This new range is sure to delight artists who were a...

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Priming your Stretched Canvas

The foundation of all great paintings… Preparing your canvases properly is an essential skill and the foundation of all great paintings. Before you can start your creation, you must first ensure that your support is ready. The canvas’ surface must … Continue reading

Professional XL
Professional XL

Professional XL, Optimum Stability over time… Working with very large canvas sizes often comes with the risk of warping and deformation of the frame due to temperature or humidity. Professional XL has two unique technical characteristics that ensure optimum stability … Continue reading