Workshop Winners: Waterside Art Group

With Artist Ashley Hanson In August, professional artist Ashley Hanson once again generously volunteered his time to run a full day’s workshop with our latest art club winners, Waterside Art Group. The Group are based in Hythe, not far from the … Continue reading

Varnish on an Acrylic Painting

Amylee shows just how easy it is to adjust your finish! Varnishing gives a beautiful and durable finish, but what do you do if you want to reduce gloss? Here’s a useful guide presented by Amylee Paris to show you how to change … Continue reading

How to Create Rainbow Lettering

Amylee’s Colourful approach to Creative Writing  Do you want to use colours in your calligraphy? Here is a very easy technique to follow. The secret is to have good materials and lots of ideas! I like Pinterest, yes, I admit … Continue reading

Jake Grewal

Catching up with Past Prize Winners We got in touch with some artists who have won our prizes to see how it helped them to progress and develop their practice. Here you can...

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