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The Art of Expression with Jo Harley
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Day(s) - 16/11/2019
13 h 00 min - 16 h 00 min

GreatArt London


This workshop if for anyone curious about the emotional benefit of art and art creation. Learn how to create your very own personalised piece of abstract art from an emotion.

art of expression
Acrylic on Canvas by Emyr Williams

In this workshop we’ll be exploring how art can be used to express feelings, focusing on the feeling of joy. Participants will be taken through a short, guided meditation, in order to connect with a memory of a moment when they felt truly joyful. They will then choose colours from an assortment of hard and soft pastels, which they associate with the memory, and begin playing with different shades, textures, and shapes, allowing themselves to be curious about the colours and shapes they are drawn to.

The emphasis is on capturing the feeling rather than representing the memory. Participants will be invited to experiment freely before completing one or more pictures to take home.

A short time for group reflection will be given toward the end, where participants will show each other their completed image(s), give them a title, and share (if happy to do so) the memory which prompted it.

art of expression
Acrylic on paper by Emyr Williams | This session will be lead by Jo Harley

This session has a maximum capacity of 10 people with all materials provided. Sign up using Eventbrite or through our Facebook page.

About Jo

Jo has a BA (Hons) in Arts Therapies and an MA in Drama and Movement Therapy. She is a Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) Registered Dramatherapist and Creative Arts Supervisor, and has over 13years, post-qualifying experience working with individuals and groups in educational and clinical settings.

Jo currently runs a private practice with individual clients in SW London, and holds workshops throughout the year promoting the use of the arts and mindfulness as a way of alleviating stress and anxiety. She also maintains her own practice as a self-taught artist.

To find out more about Jo’s work and art go to or to contact her directly by email at

Louise from GreatArt

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