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In-Store Artist Residency with Michelle Loa Kum Cheung
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Day(s) - 02/11/2019 - 03/11/2019
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GreatArt London


Michelle Loa Kum Cheung creates fictional environments to explore the idea of a displaced heritage.

Her current practice is a response to the geographical dislocation between the environment in which she was raised and her cultural heritage and identity as an Australian with a Chinese Mauritian background. Her work amalgamates various techniques including pyrography, oil, liquid graphite and gold leaf with a focus on intentional mark making.

Michelle Loa Kum Cheung

Michelle draws upon Chinese concepts in shan shui painting, where the depiction of landscape relies on the artist’s innate and intuitive reaction to the visual reality. Contrasting degrees of perception, depth and form cultivate a tension between the real and the imagined.

Michelle joined us for a residency in 2018 where she worked on hanging paper using her pyrography tool. For this visit she will be demonstrating this fascinating technique on our Tintoretto wooden panels. Visit her in our front of house area throughout the weekend.

Michelle Loa Kum Cheung

You can see more of Michelle’s work on her website. She will also be showing work at the following shows during November:

Counter Balance ArtCan Group Show
30th October – 10th November 2019
Trinity Art Gallery

Cultural Diaries Group Show
26th November – 1st December 2019
Old Brompton Gallery

Louise from GreatArt

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