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Chinese Ink Workshop

Chinese Ink Workshop

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Date / Time
Date(s) - 07/05/2023
13 h 00 min - 15 h 30 min

GreatArt London


Workshop Title: Chinese Ink Painting Workshop
Date: 7 May 2023 Sunday
Time: 13:00am-15:30
Ticket Price: £35
Age Range: 15 yrs above
Length of Lesson: 2 hours and 30 mis (Please allow 10 mins for clearing off)


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Yuet Yean Teo graduated from Nangyang Academy of Fine Art in
Singapore, Camberwell College of Art London and Buckingham New University, she
specialises in Chinese Painting and calligraphy, Oil painting and Printmaking. She
will be teaching Chinese Painting and calligraphy at our workshops.

Yean gives lectures and demonstrations on the art of Chinese ink painting and
calligraphy to small and large groups in such settings as the Royal Academy of Arts
London, HSBC U.K., Garden Museum in London, Westfield and Selfridges London.

The workshop is designed to introduce participants to traditional and contemporary
Chinese ink paintings (also commonly known as Chinese Watercolour).

The workshop focuses on the approaches, techniques and materials of Chinese ink
painting. You will have the opportunity to gain an insight into this highly expressive
and poetic technique. Learn to capture the essence of subject.

The tutor will provide information on how to prepare and select materials and step-by-step instructions on painting techniques. Participants will be given the
opportunity to create their own work under the supervision of the tutor.