Sculpture Block

Sculpture Block, The Art of Easy Sculpting This is an excellent material that all artists and sculptors should try. Very simple to use it allows you to create shapes and sculptures quicker than with any other modelling or sculpting material! … Continue reading

Stone Art

Stone Art – From Powertex Stone Art combines with Powertex to create a self-hardening clay, and adds stone effects, coarse and fine texture to sculptures. Below is a brief guide to the different ways it can be used to help … Continue reading

A History of Soapstone

3,000 years old… This geologically stable stone is solid and impervious to humidity and its intrinsic qualities allow it to pass through the centuries and the civilisations. Some objects made of soapstone date back to 3000 years ago in China … Continue reading

Starting with Soapstone

A beginner’s introduction to this fascinating material… Soapstone is already a popular choice among sculptor due to its easily workable softness, and beautiful appearance. The stones themselves are found in Brazil, India, China, Canada and even Australia and the first … Continue reading