Clairefontaine Oil Paper

by Amylee “Paper that is inspired by linen” If I say “a surface for oil painting”, I guess that most of you will think “easel”, “stretched canvas” or “bulky material”? But that was before … Today, artists are completely released! … Continue reading

Clairefontaine Acrylic Paper

by Amylee Specially designed for Acrylic Painting Paper is the perfect support for practicing acrylic painting, trying new styles, new techniques, or expressing inventive ideas. It is lightweight and more economical than other media. It engages both professional artists and … Continue reading

Museo Alu Stretchers

Combining wood and aluminum, with extreme stability, Museo Alu Stretchers are part of the new generation of frames that will be with the artist for years! This reinforced structure allows for larger sizes! I tested and participated in the building of one of these new frames. … Continue reading

Himalayan Papers

A combination of durability and beauty… The art of papermaking was perfected for centuries by the inhabitants of Nepal and Bhutan. Bark was removed from the shrubs – the lokta or Daphnea Papyracea – which grew between 2500 and 4500 meters … Continue reading

Paper Making

A suprisingly easy, age old technique! The beautifully tactile effects of handmade paper are so fascinating that they will probably inspire you to try your hand at the age old technique, but did you know that in doing so, you … Continue reading