Artist Resolutions for 2016

Amylee’s 16 resolutions for 2016 2015 resolutions are behind us (finally), and a new year filled with new possibilities and stronger motivation has just started. Here we go into 2016 with all the resolutions we should hold for this new … Continue reading

Acrylic Mediums

Add new levels to your acrylic painting… Many auxiliary products have been created to heighten the qualities of acrylic paint. The allow you to experiment with the consistency, the intensity or the drying time of the colours and create new … Continue reading

Choosing the right white

Ensure you make the right choice for your painting… Why do manufacturers offer varieties of white in a paint range when they all look so similar? When it comes to oil painting, white is used more than any other colour … Continue reading


The source of all painting colours… Pigments come in the form of a thin powder and were originally used by cavemen for rock painting, mixed using water and grease as binders. The first synthetic pigments were supposedly invented by the … Continue reading

Outdoor Painting

An endless source of inspiration… Many art societies organise outdoor painting at different venues during the summer months as part of their activity program. Working outside provides an endless source of inspiration as the subject matter is always changing. No need … Continue reading