Pebeo MAT Pub Review

from Amylee Paris Pebeo MAT pub is an innovative, fluid acrylic paint. It can be applied to almost any clean surface and also used outdoors. I often like testing other brands of acrylic paints. This time, I have a crush … Continue reading

The Masking Pen

Tried and Tested by Amylee An interesting tool that will certainly inspire some ideas in those of us who like to make original Valentines cards! We have to be able to enjoy the little things in a creative life, and … Continue reading

Choosing Wooden Painting Panels

Amylee reviews this traditional painting surface! Wood and Hardboard Panels, offer a great solution to stretched canvas.To begin your adventure in painting and drawing on wooden panels, the differences you need to know are very simple. Art board, wooden panel, painting board, … Continue reading