Canson, a brief history… Since 1557, the Canson paper mill in Annonay, France has produced the finest papers available. With over 450 years’ experience, they have unique expertise and know-how and their goal is to offer all artists high-quality products … Continue reading


Clairefontaine, a brief history… The Clairefontaine paper mill was founded in Etival by Jean-Baptiste Bichelberger in 1858. He was succeeded by his son Paul Bichelberger who, with the help of Emile Champon, made important changes for the company by using … Continue reading


The Birth of Gerstaecker The company was started by Michael Gerstaecker who began by selling art supplies directly to the artists face to face. His work prepared the ground for a real market in Germany and created a structure that … Continue reading


Lyra, a brief history… The Bavarian city of Nuremberg is the birthplace of the most famous pencil makers: Faber Castell, Staedtler, Schwann Stabilo and of course, Lyra. Lyra was created in 1806 in Nuremberg. The city, then imperial, was integrated into … Continue reading


Potterycrafts, a ‘best of British’ manufacturer! Potterycrafts are the largest UK manufacturer of pottery kilns for craft and education. Originally formed in 1983 and based in Stoke-on-Trent, Potterycrafts kilns are built on site by hand and are widely acclaimed as … Continue reading


Products made with Passion… Nurtured by the idyllic setting of Zurich, Lascaux was founded 40 years ago by Alois K. Diethelm. Being a painter, M. Diethelm was able to use his artistic passion and make the most of the wise … Continue reading


Supplying Artists’ Papers Since 1264 Paper is our history. A tradition that has been passed on for 750 years. It is not known for sure how the art of papermaking came to the small town of Fabriano, but as the craft … Continue reading

Royal Talens

Over a century of success! The story of Royal Talens begins in 1899 when Marten Talens founded “De Nederlandse Fabriek voor Verf, Lak en Inkt” (the Dutch factory of paints, gloss paints and inks) in Apeldoorn. The company started out … Continue reading