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Artist Easel And Sculptor Stand

Artist Easel And Sculptor Stand

Artist Easel And Sculptor Stand  

Since my earliest childhood, I have always been fascinated by the aesthetic and unique presence of artist materials. These pieces exert a particular attraction on me, emitting a sort of artistic magnetism. 

In the past, in artists’ studio, these tools were frequently crafted from fine wood, well worked, and benefited from meticulous finishes, granting them a remarkable aura. 

Wooden artist easels – Photo by Amylee 

Although our era sometimes favours different materials and finishes, this historical legacy endures and continues to influence the artistic imagination. 

The Painter’s Easel 

Crafted with meticulous detail, easels offer artists an ergonomic design that supports both comfort and freedom of movement during the creative process.  

The wooden easel with a crank stands as an iconic tool for artists, revered for its classic design and functional versatility. Known for its adjustable features, these easels provide artists with the ability to modify the height and angle of their work, offering a comfortable and customizable setup conducive to artistic expression.  

The crank mechanism allows for precise adjustments, ensuring stability and ease of use, catering to the specific preferences and needs of individual artists.  

Embodying traditional craftsmanship, these wooden easels serve as a timeless companion in studios, art classrooms, and exhibition spaces, symbolizing the enduring link between artistic heritage and contemporary creative endeavours. 

Studio of the fine artist Amylee 

The Acrylic Easel 

Young girls draw inspiration from fairy tales like that of Cinderella and the vair slipper, but my artist’s soul, since its tender childhood, dreamed of a very particular easel: a crystal easel.  

Each time my eyes encountered this piece displayed in beautiful shop windows, my mind was consumed by an ardent desire to possess such an item.  

Finally, my wish came true. As an entrepreneurial artist, I was able to treat myself to this pleasure. 

Assembling the transparent easel for display in the shop window – Photo by Amylee 

Compared to the wooden easel, the plexiglass easel is slightly smaller and more delicate. It exudes an aura of elegance and refinement that is unique to it, a characteristic that wood does not possess. 

Designed solely for display purposes, this transparent acrylic easel does not find its place in the studio where its predecessor, the sturdy wooden easel, remains active.  

Its purpose unfolds during ceremonies, art openings, and receptions, illuminating the space with its subtle transparency. 

Transparent acrylic easel – Photo by Amylee 

• More information about the transparent easel can be found at this link.  

The Artist-Sculptor’s Stand 

Recently, I acquired an artist-sculptor’s stand. With its ergonomic shape and supportive role, this item provides the artist with a comfortable space to work while maintaining a certain freedom of movement. 

My goal is to further explore three-dimensional works. Currently, I am focusing on creating small reproductions of famous artworks.  

What is particularly captivating is that when the stool is not directly involved in a creative process, it becomes an original stand for plants, offering a flourishing botanical touch to my studio. 

Artist sculptor stand – Photo Amylee 

 • More information about the stand can be found at this link.  


Art supplies available at Great Art, a store in Shoreditch, London, and online shop. 


About the artist: 

From abstract blooms to floral portraits, Amylee Paris’s passion is to make her colours shine among her art galleries (Switzerland, Austria, England), her collectors, and her community. In 2009, Amylee founded a Consulting Studio for Artists that has evolved into a certified training organization. She shares her artist job through blog articles, ebooks guides, coaching, and courses to assist people in professionalizing their careers in the art world. 

Website: www.amylee.parisInstagram @amyleeparis 


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