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Artists Folding Stool

Artists Folding Stool

Artists Folding Stool 

In the art studio or outdoors, artist’s stool-seats offer remarkable comfort for pursuing one’s passion: plein air painting, observational drawing, or freeform illustration.  


Artist’s stool for outdoor sessions – Picture by Amylee 2023 

Do you need an artist folding stool? 

I would like to share my experience with you: the stool inspired by the fisherman’s chair!  

This folding wooden and leather stool is ideal for outdoor sessions or minimal storage in the studio. Compact, sturdy, and lightweight, this stool easily fits under your arm, in a basket, a cupboard, under furniture, or behind a door. This way, you can quickly take it out when needed, whether it’s for sketching in the countryside, painting by the seaside, or simply sitting down for a moment of contemplation in front of your easel.  

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Leaving the studio to paint in plein air offers the artist a unique experience that enriches their artistic work while allowing them to observe, feel, and capture reality in a more authentic and vivid manner.  

Wooden and leather stool – picture by Amylee 2023 

Mode details: 

The seat used in my demonstration is a Honsell stool (link here).  

  •  Beechwood tripod with an oiled finish and leather seat.  
  •  Leg length: 65cm.  
  •  Seat height: 53cm.  
  •  Total weight: 1kg. 

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Materials to be found at London Shoreditch store and an online shop accessible 24/7. 

Artist Folding stool – Picture Amylee 2023 

During your research, you will come across several Fine Arts brands offering this type of folding stool: Honsell, Mabef. They are all comparable, with only the price varying depending on the brand.  

Before making any purchase, always make sure to check the weight limit supported by the structure.  


Outdoor stool for plein air painting” – Picture by Amylee 2023 

Plein Air Demonstration: 

I frequently use my folding stool to go draw by the trail, read near a stream, or in the forest. By creating outdoors, I have the opportunity to observe the subject directly in its natural environment.  

I can capture details, nuances of light, and colours that I couldn’t perceive as precisely when working from photos in the studio or from my imagination. 

Natural light on location constantly changes, depending on the time of day, weather conditions, and seasons.  

By working outside, I manage to capture these light variations, which are often more challenging to reproduce in the studio. Here is a series of photographs taken during my last drawing session in the woods. Enjoy the inspiring journey! 

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Plein air painting allows artists to connect with nature in an intimate way. They can feel the ambiance, atmosphere, and energy of the place, which can stimulate creativity and artistic expression. 

Artist folding stool, Forest drawing session – Photo Amylee 2023 

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 Content provided by Amylee Paris 

The passion of Amylee, fine artist and author is to share her paintings between galleries, art collectors and her community. Amylee is also recognized as one of the most influential French artist-entrepreneurs. Since 2009 she has mentored thousands of visual artists guiding them to thriving their art career. 

You can visit her colourful website, her Instagram, or find all Amylee’s posts published in GreatArt online Magazine by clicking here! Instagram


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