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Arts and crafts inspiration with the Buntbox

Arts and crafts inspiration with the Buntbox

We recently added a new product to our range: the Buntbox!

The Buntbox is a gift and storage box that you can put together yourself. The box and lid are sold separately in different sizes and colours, so you can personalise them yourself. For inspiration, Michelle made a few examples, so you can see what you could do with a Buntbox!

Here’s a TIP! By choosing different colours for the box and the lid, you can create different designs which will make the box look completely different depending on which colours you choose. So, you can really make your Buntbox your own!

Bachelor party survival kit

Do you happen to have a wedding planned soon or are you attending a friends or family members? Then this survival kit is an excellent gift for the groomsmen or wedding attendees. Do you need a survival kit somewhere else or for someone else? By choosing a different colour and content, you can make exactly the kit someone needs.

Desk organiser

Should you be dealing with a messy drawer at home, then this is the solution! As the boxes are sold in different sizes, you can organise your drawer very easily. If you need slightly smaller compartments, you can always make an extra divider with foam board.

Gift packaging

For anyone who is not proficient in wrapping, the Buntbox also offers the solution. As you only need to fold the box and lid together, it always looks incredibly neat. Add a nice ribbon and your gift is wrapped incredibly well and looks great too.

Pandora box

The Buntbox also lends itself incredibly well to this cool DIY project. By cutting out thin layers of paper, you can easily create a scene with lots of depth. Add a light in the bottom of the box for an extra nice effect.

Pencil holder

In case your pens and pencils get lost while drawing, this is the solution. By making round holes in the lid, you can now put your drawing utensils upright while you are busy. Finished drawing? You can store your materials back in the box.


A Buntbox can also be put to good use for a birthday party. Instead of using a card as an invitation, you can give your guests a self-made invitation in a box. Ideal for your own party, children’s parties or, of course, a pet’s birthday too!

Ring box

Finally, the Buntbox can also be used as a jewellery box, or in this case, ring box. By cutting a piece of foam board to the same size as the inside size of the box, you can easily make a double level to put your jewellery on top of. If necessary, you can then make another cut in the foam board as shown in the picture, so rings can stand upright. Who will be the lucky loved one to receive this great gift?


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