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Open Call for Artists

Open Call for Artists

would you like to be considered for running a workshop at GreatArt?

Since opening in 2016, our front of house space has hosted a wide range of artists and art activities throughout the year and once again we’re inviting our community of artists to be part ofit!

Applications are now open for you to send GreatArt your proposals for the chance to be selected to work in the front of house.

If you fancy running a workshop, it’s a great way to demonstrate your skills and inspire others with a new technique. Those who take part may also want to join workshops you run elsewhere in the future, so lots of potential for a growing business!

As well as providing you with a great experience, we’ll be promoting your workshop to our community of artists though our store, online magazine and social media, offering you another chance to raise your profile!

How do I apply to run a workshop at GreatArt?

1. Write your proposal. What themes and techniques will you use? How would you use the space? What would you teach our customers, or how would you interact with them? Please also include any images that will help illustrate your idea, such as examples of your work, and any website or social media platforms you use to promote your practise. The more details you include the better!

2. Send it to [email protected] by 20.06.23

Good luck!


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