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Art Drying Rack | Solution for The Artist’s Studio

Art Drying Rack | Solution for The Artist’s Studio

Art Drying Rack | Solution for The Artist’s Studio

Are you looking for a solution to dry your artworks on paper?

Have you heard of the art drying rack?

This drying rack that is generally used to dry drawings or paintings on paper quickly, preventing them from sticking together during the drying process. It’s pretty handy, don’t you think?

They come in different sizes. I opted for the small one. Are you interested in this product? I’ll tell you about it in the post below.

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How To Dry Your Paints in Minimum Space?

The stacking system has proven itself in print shops, schools and artists’ studios. Even in a very small space, a drying rack allows the complete drying of newly produced artworks such as silk-screen prints, artistic collages, watercolours or even pastel in no time at all.

Art Drying Rack – Amylee’s picture


The 4 Qualities of the Art Drying Rack?

  1. A robust structure to support several drawings/paintings without damaging them;
  2. A large capacity to accommodate drawings in a minimum of space;
  3. Adequate ventilation to dry paper quickly and evenly;
  4. Compact design to save space and facilitate storage.


You can find a great range of art supplies in GreatArt store in Shoreditch (London) or on online shop.

Art Drying Rack – Amylee’s picture


Metal Drying Rack Description

Here is some information about the art drying rack:

  • Total height 98 cm (39 inch);
  • Painted metal grids with an opening angle so that all fresh or wet work can be placed on them without difficulty;
  • 4 wheels make it easy to move the dryer;
  • Lightweight and easy to handle.

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Content provided by Amylee Paris

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The passion of Amylee, fine artist and author is to share her paintings between galleries, art collectors and her community. Amylee is also recognized as one of the most influential French artist-entrepreneurs. Since 2009 she has mentored thousands of visual artists guiding them to thriving their art career.

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